renku status

Show status of data files created in the repository.


Check if there are output files in a repository that are outdated and need to be re-generated. Output files get outdated due to changes in input data or source code (i.e. dependencies).

Commands and options

renku status

Show a status of the repository.

renku status [OPTIONS] [PATHS]...


-i, --ignore-deleted

Ignore deleted paths.



Optional argument(s)


This command shows a list of output files that need to be updated along with a list of modified inputs for each file. It also display deleted inputs files if any.

To check for a specific input or output files, you can pass them to this command:

$ renku status path/to/file1 path/to/file2

In this case, renku only checks if the specified path or paths are modified or outdated and need an update, instead of checking all inputs and outputs.

The paths mentioned in the output are made relative to the current directory if you are working in a subdirectory (this is on purpose, to help cutting and pasting to other commands).