renku migrate

Migrate project to the latest Renku version.


Bring the project up to date with the current version of Renku. This does not usually affect how you use Renku and no data is lost.

Commands and options

renku migrate

Check for migration and migrate to the latest Renku project version.

renku migrate [OPTIONS]


-c, --check

Check if migration is required and quit.

Dockerfile and template

In addition, renku migrate will update your Dockerfile` to install the latest version of ``renku-python, if supported, making sure your renku version is up to date in interactive environments as well.

If you created your repository from a project template and the template has changed since you created the project, it will also update files with their newest version from the template, without overwriting local changes if there are any.

You can check if a migration is necessary and what migrations are available by running

$ renku migrate -c