renku project

Renku CLI commands for handling of projects.


Show and edit project’s metadata.

Commands and options

renku project

Project commands.

renku project [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Edit project metadata.

renku project edit [OPTIONS]


-d, --description <description>

Project’s description.

-k, --keyword <keywords>

List of keywords.

-c, --creator <creators>

Creator’s name, email, and affiliation. Accepted format is ‘Forename Surname <email> [affiliation]’.

-i, --image <image>

Path or URL to project’s avatar/image.

-m, --metadata <metadata>

Custom metadata to be associated with the project.

-u, --unset <unset>

Remove keywords, metadata, description, or image from project.


keywords | k | metadata | m | description | d | image | i

--metadata-source <metadata_source>

Set the source field in the metadata when editing it if not provided, then the default is ‘renku’.


Show details for the project.

renku project show [OPTIONS]