Implementing a workflow provider

In Running Renku on HPC, we described how using different workflow providers can enable the user running renku workflows on HPC. Here we discuss how to implement a new, custom workflow provider as a plugin for Renku CLI.

Renku provides the option to add a new workflow executor backend with the help of pluggy plugins.

In order to implement such a plugin, the developer of the new workflow provider plugin should provide the new executor implementation by implementing the IWorkflowProvider interface.

A simple example of a MyProvider workflow executor plugin:

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Dict, List

from renku.domain_model.workflow.provider import IWorkflowProvider
from renku.core.plugin import hookimpl

class MyProvider(IWorkflowProvider):
    def workflow_provider(self):
        """Workflow provider name."""
        return (self, "my")

    def workflow_execute(self, dag: "nx.DiGraph", basedir: Path, config: Dict[str, Any]):
        """Executing the ``Plans``."""
        generated_outputs: List[str] = []

        # traversing the dag that contains the ``Plans``
        # and executing each plan in the graph

        return generated_outputs

The execution of the workflow(s) shall be defined in workflow_execute function, where

  • dag is a Directed Acyclic Graph of Plans to be executed represented with a networkx.DiGraph,

  • basedir is the absolute path to the project,

  • config dictionary contains the provider related optional configuration parameters.

The workflow_provider function shall return a tuple of (object, str), where object should be the plugin object, i.e. self and the string is a unique identifier of the provider plugin. This unique string will be the string that the user can provide to the --provider command line argument to select this plugin for executing the desired workflows. A dummy provider implementation is available here in order to ease the initial implementation of a provider plugin.

A provider HAS to set environment variables for a plans parameters, so they can be used by scripts. These environment variables have to be prefixed with the value of the renku.core.plugin.provider.RENKU_ENV_PREFIX constant. So for a parameter with name my-param and the RENKU_ENV_PREFIX value of RENKU_ENV_, the environment variable should be called RENKU_ENV_my-param.