Renku Core Service

The Renku Core service exposes a functionality similar to the Renku CLI via a JSON-RPC API.


skinparam componentStyle rectangle
skinparam lineStyle ortho

component Frontend {
    [Views] -down-> RequestModel
    ResponseModel -up-> [Views]

component "Business Logic" as bl {
    [Controllers] --> renku.core
    [Jobs] --> renku.core

database "External Git" as git {
    folder "Remote Projects" as rp

database "Redis" as redis {
    frame "Metadata" as metadata
    frame "Jobs" as jobs

database "File Cache" as filecache {
    folder "Projects" as projects
    folder "Uploaded Files" as files

RequestModel -down-> bl
bl -up-> ResponseModel
[Controllers] -right-> rp
[Workers] -right-> bl
bl -left-> [Workers]
[Workers] -down-> jobs
bl -down-> filecache
bl -down-> redis

projects -[hidden]down-> files
metadata -[hidden]down-> jobs

API Specification

To explore the API documentation and test the current API against a running instance of Renku you can use the Swagger UI on


You can check the error details here