File References

Manage names of Renku objects.

class renku.core.migration.models.refs.LinkReference(name, *, metadata_path=None)[source]

Manage linked object names.

Method generated by attrs for class LinkReference.

classmethod check_ref_format(name, no_slashes=False)[source]

Ensures that a reference name is well formed.

It follows Git naming convention:

  • any path component of it begins with “.”, or

  • it has double dots “..”, or

  • it has ASCII control characters, or

  • it has “:”, “?”, “[”, “\”, “^”, “~”, SP, or TAB anywhere, or

  • it has “*” anywhere, or

  • it ends with a “/”, or

  • it ends with “.lock”, or

  • it contains a “@{” portion

classmethod create(name, force=False)[source]

Create symlink to object in reference path.


Delete the reference at the given path.

classmethod iter_items(common_path=None)[source]

Find all references in the repository.

name_validator(attribute, value)[source]

Validate reference name.

property path

Return full reference path.

property reference

Return the path we point to.

rename(new_name, force=False)[source]

Rename self to a new name.


Set ourselves to the given reference path.