Project class.

class renku.domain_model.project.Project(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Persistent

Represent a project.

classmethod from_project_context(project_context, name=None, namespace=None, description=None, keywords=None, custom_metadata=None, creator=None)[source]

Create an instance from a path.

  • cls – The class.

  • name (Optional[str]) – Name of the project (when creating a new one) (Default value = None).

  • namespace (Optional[str]) – Namespace of the project (when creating a new one) (Default value = None).

  • description (Optional[str]) – Project description (when creating a new one) (Default value = None).

  • keywords (Optional[List[str]]) – Keywords for the project (when creating a new one) (Default value = None).

  • custom_metadata (Optional[Dict]) – Custom JSON-LD metadata (when creating a new project) (Default value = None).

  • creator (Optional[Person]) – The project creator.

static generate_id(namespace, name)[source]

Generate an id for Project.

static get_namespace_and_name(*, remote=None, repository=None, name=None, namespace=None, creator=None)[source]

Return Project’s namespace and name from various objects.

update_metadata(custom_metadata=None, custom_metadata_source=None, **kwargs)[source]

Updates metadata.

class renku.domain_model.project.ProjectTemplateMetadata(template_id=None, metadata='', template_ref=None, template_source=None, template_version=None, immutable_template_files=None, ssh_supported=False)[source]

Bases: object

Metadata about the template used in a project.