0.6.0 (2019-09-18)

Bug Fixes

  • adds _label and commit data to imported dataset files, single commit for imports (#651) (75ce369)
  • always add commit to dataset if possible (#648) (7659bc8), closes #646
  • cleanup needed for integration tests on py35 (#653) (fdd7215)
  • fixed serialization of datetime to iso format (#629) (693d59d)
  • fixes broken integration test (#649) (04eba66)
  • hide image, pull, runner, show, workon and deactivate commands (#672) (a3e9998)
  • integration tests fixed (#685) (f0ea8f0)
  • migration of old datasets (#639) (4d4d7d2)
  • migration timezones (#683) (58c2de4)
  • Removes unneccesary call to git lfs with no paths (#658) (e32d48b)
  • renku home directory overwrite in tests (#657) (90e1c48)
  • upload metadata before actual files (#652) (95ed468)
  • use latest_html for version check (#647) (c6b0309), closes #641
  • user-related metadata (#655) (44183e6)
  • zenodo export failing with relative paths (d40967c)


0.5.2 (2019-07-26)

Bug Fixes

  • safe_path check always operates on str (#603) (7c1c34e)


0.5.1 (2019-07-12)

Bug Fixes

  • ensure external storage is handled correctly (#592) (7938ac4)
  • only check local repo for lfs filter (#575) (a64dc79)
  • cli: allow renku run with many inputs (f60783e), closes #552
  • added check for overwriting datasets (#541) (8c697fb)
  • escape whitespaces in notebook name (#584) (0542fcc)
  • modify json-ld for datasets (#534) (ab6a719), closes #525 #526
  • refactored tests and docs to align with updated pydoctstyle (#586) (6f981c8)
  • cli: add check of missing references (9a373da)
  • cli: fail when removing non existing dataset (dd728db)
  • status: fix renku status output when not in root folder (#564) (873270d), closes #551
  • added dependencies for SSL support (#565) (4fa0fed)
  • datasets: strip query string from data filenames (450898b)
  • fixed serialization of creators (#550) (6a9173c)
  • updated docs (#539) (ff9a67c)
  • cli: remove dataset aliases (6206e62)
  • cwl: detect script as input parameter (e23b75a), closes #495
  • deps: updated dependencies (691644d)


0.5.0 (2019-03-28)

Bug Fixes

  • api: make methods lock free (1f63964), closes #486
  • use safe_load for parsing yaml (5383d1e), closes #464
  • datasets: link flag on dataset add (eae30f4)


  • api: list datasets from a commit (04a9fe9)
  • cli: add dataset rm command (a70c7ce)
  • cli: add rm command (cf0f502)
  • cli: configurable format of dataset output (d37abf3)
  • dataset: add existing file from current repo (575686b), closes #99
  • datasets: added ls-files command (ccc4f59)
  • models: reference context for relative paths (5d1e8e7), closes #452
  • add JSON-LD output format for datasets (c755d7b), closes #426
  • generate Makefile with log –format Makefile (1e440ce)


(released 2019-03-05)

  • Adds renku mv command which updates dataset metadata, .gitattributes and symlinks.
  • Pulls LFS objects from submodules correctly.
  • Adds listing of datasets.
  • Adds reduced dot format for renku log.
  • Adds doctor command to check missing files in datasets.
  • Moves dataset metadata to .renku/datasets and adds migrate datasets command and uses UUID for metadata path.
  • Gets git attrs for files to prevent duplicates in .gitattributes.
  • Fixes renku show outputs for directories.
  • Runs Git LFS checkout in a worktrees and lazily pulls necessary LFS files before running commands.
  • Asks user before overriding an existing file using renku init or renku runner template.
  • Fixes renku init --force in an empty dir.
  • Renames CommitMixin._location to _project.
  • Addresses issue with commits editing multiple CWL files.
  • Exports merge commits for full lineage.
  • Exports path and parent directories.
  • Adds an automatic check for the latest version.
  • Simplifies issue submission from traceback to GitHub or Sentry. Requires SENTRY_DSN variable to be set and sentry-sdk package to be installed before sending any data.
  • Removes outputs before run.
  • Allows update of directories.
  • Improves readability of the status message.
  • Checks ignored path when added to a dataset.
  • Adds API method for finding ignored paths.
  • Uses branches for init --force.
  • Fixes CVE-2017-18342.
  • Fixes regex for parsing Git remote URLs.
  • Handles --isolation option using git worktree.
  • Renames client.git to client.repo.
  • Supports python -m renku.
  • Allows ‘.’ and ‘-‘ in repo path.


(released 2018-12-07)

  • Fixes generated Homebrew formula.
  • Renames renku pull path to renku storage pull with deprecation warning.


(released 2018-11-29)

  • Fixes display of workflows in renku log.


(released 2018-11-29)

  • Fixes issues with parsing remote Git URLs.


(released 2018-11-26)

  • Adds JSON-LD context to objects extracted from the Git repository (see renku show context --list).
  • Uses PROV-O and WFPROV as provenance vocabularies and generates “stable” object identifiers (@id) for RDF and JSON-LD output formats.
  • Refactors the log output to allow linking files and directories.
  • Adds support for aliasing tools and workflows.
  • Adds option to install shell completion (renku --install-completion).
  • Fixes initialization of Git submodules.
  • Uses relative submodule paths when appropriate.
  • Simplifies external storage configuration.


(released 2018-09-25)

  • Refactored version using Git and Common Workflow Language.


(released 2017-09-06)

  • Initial public release as Renga.