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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2018-2021 - Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC)
# A partnership between École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and
# Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ).
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Represents a workflow template."""

import os
import pathlib
import urllib.parse
import uuid
from bisect import bisect
from copy import copy
from functools import total_ordering
from pathlib import Path

import attr
from marshmallow import EXCLUDE

from renku.core.models.calamus import JsonLDSchema, Nested, fields, prov, renku
from renku.core.models.cwl.types import PATH_OBJECTS
from renku.core.models.entities import Collection, CommitMixin, CommitMixinSchema, Entity
from renku.core.models.workflow.parameters import (

def _entity_from_path(client, path, commit):
    """Gets the entity associated with a path."""
    client, commit, path = client.resolve_in_submodules(
        client.find_previous_commit(path, revision=commit.hexsha), path,

    entity_cls = Entity
    if (client.path / path).is_dir():
        entity_cls = Collection

    if str(path).startswith(os.path.join(client.renku_home, client.DATASETS)):
        return client.load_dataset_from_path(path, commit=commit)
        return entity_cls(commit=commit, client=client, path=str(path),)

def _convert_cmd_binding(binding, client, commit):
    """Convert a cwl argument to ``CommandArgument``."""

    base_id = Run.generate_id(client)

    id_ = CommandArgument.generate_id(base_id, binding.position)

    return CommandArgument(id=id_, position=binding.position, value=binding.valueFrom)

def _convert_cmd_input(input, client, commit, run_id):
    """Convert a cwl input to ``CommandInput``."""
    val = input.default

    if isinstance(val, list):
        val = input.inputBinding.itemSeparator.join(val)

    if input.type in PATH_OBJECTS and input.default:
        if input.inputBinding:
            prefix = input.inputBinding.prefix
            if prefix and input.inputBinding.separate:
                prefix += " "
            return CommandInput(
                id=CommandInput.generate_id(run_id, input.inputBinding.position),
                consumes=_entity_from_path(client, input.default.path, commit),
            return CommandInput(
                id=CommandInput.generate_id(run_id, "stdin" if == "input_stdin" else None),
                consumes=_entity_from_path(client, input.default.path, commit),
                mapped_to=MappedIOStream(client=client, stream_type="stdin") if == "input_stdin" else None,
        prefix = input.inputBinding.prefix
        if prefix and input.inputBinding.separate:
            prefix += " "
        return CommandArgument(
            id=CommandArgument.generate_id(run_id, input.inputBinding.position),

def _convert_cmd_output(output, factory, client, commit, run_id):
    """Convert a cwl output to ``CommandOutput``."""
    path = None
    mapped = None
    input_prefix = "$(inputs."
    position = None
    prefix = None
    input_to_remove = None
    create_folder = False

    if output.outputBinding:
        if output.outputBinding.glob.startswith(input_prefix):
            input_id = output.outputBinding.glob[len(input_prefix) : -1]
            inp = next(i for i in factory.inputs if == input_id)
            path = inp.default
            position = inp.inputBinding.position
            prefix = inp.inputBinding.prefix
            if prefix and inp.inputBinding.separate:
                prefix += " "
            input_to_remove = inp
            path = output.outputBinding.glob

    if output.type in MappedIOStream.STREAMS:
        path = getattr(factory, output.type)
        mapped = MappedIOStream(client=client, stream_type=output.type)

    if ((client.path / path).is_dir() and path in factory.existing_directories) or (
        not (client.path / path).is_dir() and str(Path(path).parent) in factory.existing_directories
        create_folder = True

    return (
            id=CommandOutput.generate_id(run_id, position),
            produces=_entity_from_path(client, path, commit),

def _convert_run_parameter(parameter, run_id):
    """Convert a cwl run parameters to ``RunParameter``."""
    id_ = RunParameter.generate_id(run_id=run_id,
    return RunParameter(id=id_,, value=parameter.value)

[docs]@total_ordering @attr.s(eq=False, order=False) class Run(CommitMixin): """Represents a `renku run` execution template.""" command = attr.ib(default=None, type=str, kw_only=True,) successcodes = attr.ib(kw_only=True, type=list, factory=list) subprocesses = attr.ib(kw_only=True, factory=list) arguments = attr.ib(kw_only=True, factory=list) inputs = attr.ib(kw_only=True, factory=list) outputs = attr.ib(kw_only=True, factory=list) run_parameters = attr.ib(kw_only=True, factory=list) _activity = attr.ib(kw_only=True, default=None)
[docs] @staticmethod def generate_id(client, identifier=None): """Generate an id for an argument.""" host = "localhost" if client: host = client.remote.get("host") or host host = os.environ.get("RENKU_DOMAIN") or host if not identifier: identifier = str(uuid.uuid4()) return urllib.parse.urljoin( "https://{host}".format(host=host), pathlib.posixpath.join("/runs", urllib.parse.quote(identifier, safe="")), )
[docs] @classmethod def from_factory(cls, factory, client, commit, path): """Creates a ``Run`` from a ``CommandLineToolFactory``.""" inputs = [] arguments = [] run_id = cls.generate_id(client) outputs = [_convert_cmd_output(o, factory, client, commit, run_id) for o in factory.outputs] if outputs: outputs, inputs_to_remove = zip(*outputs) outputs = list(outputs) for i in inputs_to_remove: # remove inputs that are actually outputs # note: a single input can represent multiple outputs # in case of repetition in the cli if not i: continue if i in factory.inputs: factory.inputs.remove(i) for i in factory.inputs: res = _convert_cmd_input(i, client, commit, run_id) if isinstance(res, CommandInput): inputs.append(res) else: arguments.append(res) return cls( id=run_id, client=client, commit=commit, path=path, command=" ".join(factory.baseCommand), successcodes=factory.successCodes, arguments=[_convert_cmd_binding(a, client, commit) for a in factory.arguments] + arguments, inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, run_parameters=[_convert_run_parameter(a, run_id) for a in factory.run_parameters], )
@property def activity(self): """Return the activity object.""" return self._activity() if self._activity else None
[docs] def to_argv(self): """Convert run into argv list.""" argv = [] if self.command: argv.extend(self.command.split(" ")) arguments = self.inputs + self.outputs + self.arguments arguments = filter(lambda x: x.position, arguments) arguments = sorted(arguments, key=lambda x: x.position) argv.extend(e for a in arguments for e in a.to_argv()) return argv
[docs] def to_stream_repr(self): """Input/output stream representation.""" stream_repr = [] for input_ in self.inputs: if input_.mapped_to: stream_repr.append(input_.to_stream_repr()) for output in self.outputs: if output.mapped_to: stream_repr.append(output.to_stream_repr()) return stream_repr
[docs] def update_id_and_label_from_commit_path(self, client, commit, path, is_subprocess=False): """Updates the _id and _label using supplied commit and path.""" self.client = client if not self.commit: self.commit = commit if not is_subprocess: path = Path(os.path.abspath(path)).relative_to(self.client.path) self.path = path self._id = self.generate_id(client) self._label = self.default_label() if len(self.subprocesses) > 0: for s in self.subprocesses: s.process.update_id_and_label_from_commit_path(client, commit, path, is_subprocess=True)
[docs] def add_subprocess(self, subprocess): """Adds a subprocess to this run.""" process_order = 0 if self.subprocesses: processes = [o.process for o in self.subprocesses] # Get position to insert based on dependencies process_order = bisect(processes, subprocess) if process_order < len(processes): # adjust ids of inputs inherited from latter subprocesses for i in range(len(processes), process_order, -1): sp = self.subprocesses[i - 1] sp._id = sp._id.replace(f"subprocess/{i}", f"subprocess/{i+1}") sp.index += 1 for inp in self.inputs: inp._id = inp._id.replace(f"/steps/step_{i}/", f"/steps/step_{i+1}/") for outp in self.outputs: outp._id = outp._id.replace(f"/steps/step_{i}/", f"/steps/step_{i+1}/") input_paths = [i.consumes.path for i in self.inputs] output_paths = [o.produces.path for o in self.outputs] for input_ in subprocess.inputs: if input_.consumes.path not in input_paths and input_.consumes.path not in output_paths: new_input = copy(input_) new_input._id = f"{self._id}/steps/step_{process_order + 1}/" f"{new_input.sanitized_id}" new_input.mapped_to = None matching_output = next((o for o in self.outputs if o.produces.path == new_input.consumes.path), None) if not matching_output: self.inputs.append(new_input) input_paths.append(new_input.consumes.path) for output in subprocess.outputs: if output.produces.path not in output_paths: new_output = copy(output) new_output._id = f"{self._id}/steps/step_{process_order + 1}/" f"{new_output.sanitized_id}" new_output.mapped_to = None self.outputs.append(new_output) output_paths.append(new_output.produces.path) matching_input = next((i for i in self.inputs if i.consumes.path == new_output.produces.path), None) if matching_input: self.inputs.remove(matching_input) input_paths.remove(matching_input.consumes.path) ordered_process = OrderedSubprocess( id=OrderedSubprocess.generate_id(self._id, process_order + 1), index=process_order + 1, process=subprocess ) self.subprocesses.insert(process_order, ordered_process)
def __lt__(self, other): """Compares two subprocesses order based on their dependencies.""" a_inputs = set() b_outputs = set() for i in other.inputs: entity = i.consumes for subentity in entity.entities: a_inputs.add(subentity.path) for i in self.outputs: entity = i.produces for subentity in entity.entities: b_outputs.add(subentity.path) return a_inputs & b_outputs def __attrs_post_init__(self): """Calculate properties.""" if self.client and not self._id: self._id = Run.generate_id(self.client) super().__attrs_post_init__() commit_not_set = not self.commit or self.commit.hexsha in self._label if commit_not_set and self.client and self.path and Path(self.path).exists(): self.commit = self.client.find_previous_commit(self.path) # List order is not guaranteed when loading from JSON-LD self.subprocesses.sort()
[docs] @classmethod def from_jsonld(cls, data): """Create an instance from JSON-LD data.""" if isinstance(data, cls): return data if not isinstance(data, dict): raise ValueError(data) return RunSchema().load(data)
[docs] def as_jsonld(self): """Create JSON-LD.""" return RunSchema().dump(self)
[docs]@total_ordering @attr.s(eq=False, order=False) class OrderedSubprocess: """A subprocess with ordering.""" _id = attr.ib(kw_only=True) index = attr.ib(kw_only=True, type=int) process = attr.ib(kw_only=True)
[docs] @staticmethod def generate_id(parent_id, index): """Generate an id for an ``OrderedSubprocess``.""" return f"{parent_id}/subprocess/{index}"
def __lt__(self, other): """Compares two ordered subprocesses.""" return self.index < other.index
[docs]class RunSchema(CommitMixinSchema): """Run schema."""
[docs] class Meta: """Meta class.""" rdf_type = [renku.Run, prov.Plan, prov.Entity] model = Run unknown = EXCLUDE
command = fields.String(renku.command, missing=None) successcodes = fields.List(renku.successCodes, fields.Integer(), missing=[0]) subprocesses = Nested(renku.hasSubprocess, nested="OrderedSubprocessSchema", missing=None, many=True) arguments = Nested(renku.hasArguments, CommandArgumentSchema, many=True, missing=None) inputs = Nested(renku.hasInputs, CommandInputSchema, many=True, missing=None) outputs = Nested(renku.hasOutputs, CommandOutputSchema, many=True, missing=None) run_parameters = Nested(renku.hasRunParameters, RunParameterSchema, many=True, missing=None)
[docs]class OrderedSubprocessSchema(JsonLDSchema): """OrderedSubprocess schema."""
[docs] class Meta: """Meta class.""" rdf_type = [renku.OrderedSubprocess] model = OrderedSubprocess unknown = EXCLUDE
_id = fields.Id(init_name="id") index = fields.Integer(renku.index) process = Nested(renku.process, RunSchema)