User interface configuration options

Privacy page and Terms of Use

The UI can be configured to show a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These are displayed under the Help section of the UI.

For each of these, the content is read from the privacy-and-terms ConfigMap. You need to configure the values in to enable the feature. If is true, then the privacy policy and terms of use will be shown in the UI.

Mind that you need to customize the content by either changing the privacy_statement and the terms keys in the privacy-and-terms ConfigMap, or assign a valid Markdown text to and

If you don’t customize the text, a sample will be used instead. You can start from it as a template to create your own content.

The Markdown syntax is fully supported for the privacy page content.

Dashboard message

The UI can display a configurable message for logged in users on their dashboard page, suited for showing general information about Renku.

This feature can be enabled and configured by editing the values found in ui.client.dashboardMessage. Set ui.client.dashboardMessage.enabled to true to have the message displayed on the dashboard page.

The content and appearance of the message are configured by editing the other values in ui.client.dashboardMessage:

  1. text: the main message displayed on the dashboard page. It supports Markdown syntax.

  2. additionalText: the additional message which users can read by clicking “Read more” button right below the main message.

  3. style: the appearance of the card used to display the dashboard message. Allowed values are: “plain”, “success”, “info”, “warning” and “danger”.

  4. dismissible: if it is set to true, users can dismiss the message and hide it until the tab is closed or refreshed.

An example configuration can be found in values.yaml in the renku-ui repository.