Share your results and collaborate with your peers

In this section, we will see how to use Renku to collaborate on projects. For an overview on collaboration, see Collaborate on RenkuLab.

A view of Issues and Merge Requests

Let us start by going back to the Renku web interface on or whichever instance you are using for this tutorial. Make sure you are logged in, so you can see your projects list by clicking on Projects in the top navigation bar.

Click on your Flights-tutorial project to open it and then go to the Collaboration tab (1). Here we provide quick access into the GitLab Issues and Merge Requests view. You can view and create new Issues and Merge Requests directly from this view. It is probably empty at the moment, so let us start a new discussion by clicking on the New Issue button (2).

New issue in Renku UI

In the New Issue form, fill in the Title and Description as follows.

  • Title: Data source

  • Description: Where does the data come from?

Click on Submit issue. The Issues sub tab should now list the newly created issue.

The issues can be viewed directly in this window.

Issues in Gitlab view

Once the issue has been resolved, it can be closed in the same way (1).

Close in Gitlab view