Git cheat sheet for Renku

Renku is based on git so here is a cheat sheet to make your life a bit easier.

To undo what you just did:

git reset --hard HEAD~1

(this means, move my git history back by one commit from where I currently stand)

To go back to a sane state: First find the “sane state” with git log, e.g.

$ git log
commit 7df2389f3e7df6c013467b399e4de23b0f2f4b78
Author: Rok Roskar <>
Date:   Thu Oct 4 01:04:04 2018 +0200

    renku run python src/ data/preprocessed/zhbikes.parquet

commit e6590bd40bdda10339417b992d1869523915b767
Author: Rok Roskar <>
Date:   Thu Oct 4 01:03:14 2018 +0200

    renku run python src/ data/zhvelo ...

commit b3ce8ac5b9d239fd710b3be2ae2afad1f7a4509d
Author: Rok Roskar <>
Date:   Thu Oct 4 00:56:36 2018 +0200

    renku dataset add zhvelo --relative-to data/zhvelo ...

commit f346c1f36f211840b22a63e7fc2c9bfb52616212
Author: Rok Roskar <>
Date:   Wed Oct 3 22:26:38 2018 +0200

    renku dataset create zhvelo

Now lets say you decide your data imports and everything that followed was wrong and you want to go back to renku dataset create zhvelo, i.e. commit f346c1f36f211840b22a63e7fc2c9bfb52616212, you would do:

git reset --hard f346c1f36f211840b22a63e7fc2c9bfb52616212