Why Renku?

If you carry out research or analysis with code and data, chances are you will be faced with answering the following questions:

  • How do I re-run an analysis I did a month ago?
  • How does new data change my results?
  • How can I easily share my analysis with others?
  • How is this type of data or algorithm usually used?
  • Who is using my data or my algorithms?

The toolchain required to answer all of these questions is long and complex. The Renku Project provides easy access to these state-of-the-art tools to improve reproducibility, increase productivity through reusability and enable collaboration.

Renku can be used by

Researchers to:

  • automatically capture the dependencies of their analysis inputs and outputs
  • share research results though live interactive environments
  • discover and publish data

Data owners to:

  • bundle data with rich metadata to facilitate use and reuse
  • discover uses of their data
  • connect with analysts for collaboration

Educators to:

  • prepare zero-install environments for courses
  • manage resource access and in-class collaboration

Head to What is Renku to learn more about what makes up the Renku Project.