Renkulab & renku components


This document is still under construction.


  • create projects from python & R templated directory structures and files that include renku (CLI) installation and renkulab config for launching interactive environments
  • customize the files inside the templates by adding your own software dependencies to requirements.txt`/`install.R, the Dockerfile, etc.
  • create your own directories for organizing your analysis code & use renku dataset commands to organize your datasets
  • choose a template by selecting from the dropdown menu on renkulab during project creation, or applying the –from template flag using renku init locally
  • share your templates with others


  • Dockerfile’s base image has installations of renku (CLI), JupyterHub, and jupyterlab and/or rstudio
  • Base image also includes: vim, git, and other utilities
  • Write your dependent library installs into the provided Dockerfile, or python in requirements.txt, R in install.R