Renkulab is a web platform for creating, storing, working on, and sharing your collaborative data analysis projects. Our public “flagship” deployment of Renkulab can be found at and is free for anyone to use.

Renkulab is the glue that makes it possible to develop and share your research entirely in the cloud. You can, directly from a project’s homepage on Renkulab, launch JupyterLab and RStudio sessions (or anything else you might run from a Docker container) using pre-built templates. You can work on your project and when you are done push the changes back to the repository for safe storage. Our pre-built base images also contain the renku command-line tool so you don’t need to worry about installation and benefit from lineage tracking right in the interactive session.

Renkulab automatically builds images for your interactive sessions so the environments you or your collaborators use are always up-to-date.

Please contact us if you would like to deploy your own instance or see Deploying the Renku platform.

The main components that make up a Renkulab instance are GitLab for repository management and version control, JupyterHub for interactive sessions and a Knowledge Graph for search and discovery.


  • Storing project repositories
  • Storing each project’s large files in a common git LFS object store
  • Automatically building Docker images with each commit to always have an up-to-date runtime
  • Managing groups & permissions

JupyterHub: Jupyter & RStudio sessions

  • Interactive environments that you can launch from a project’s home page on renkulab
  • Push changes back to your repository as you work
  • Project-level configurations for resource requirements
  • Configurable user environment

Knowledge Graph

  • projects search: public projects and private projects for which you have access rights
  • datasets search: datasets that are created/added to a renku project are made discoverable
  • (behind the scenes) knowledge graph database that ingests commits from a project when they are pushed to renkulab’s gitlab
  • Lineage visualization uses this knowledge graph to display a lineage for each file that has been touched by a renku command