The Renku Project Docs

Renku (連句 “linked verses”), is a Japanese form of popular collaborative linked verse poetry, written by more than one author working together.*


The Renku Project provides a platform and tools for reproducible and collaborative data analysis projects. It is aimed at independent researchers and data scientists as well as labs, collaborations, and courses and workshops. Renku can be used by anyone who deals with data, whether they are a researcher, data analyst, project owner, or data provider.

It consists of:

  • Renkulab, a web-based platform designed to facilitate collaboration, reproducibility, and discovery.
  • Renku, a command-line interface (CLI) (docs, repo) for managing code, datasets, and workflows that you can use on Renkulab or install locally.

A public instance of Renkulab is available at, and several other deployments at various institutions. Go ahead - log in, try it out, and let us know what you think! You can follow the first_steps tutorial in python or R or continue reading about the Renku project.

If you are looking for detailed renku command-line interface (CLI) documentation, consult the renku-python docs.

Project structure

The Renku project consists of several sub-repositories:


We’re happy to receive contributions of all kinds, whether it is an idea for a new feature, a bug report or a pull request!

Please review our contributing guidelines before submitting a pull request.

Get in touch

  • discourse: questions concerning renkulab or renku CLI usage, release notes
  • github & renku (CLI): create platform-usability and software-bug issues
  • gitter: communicate with the team

Renku is developed as an open source project by the Swiss Data Science Center in a team split between EPFL and ETHZ.