Renku is deployed via Helm.

Helm is a tool used to install and manage Kubernetes applications.

Helm has two parts: a client side (helm) and a server side (tiller).

Helm client

To install helm client in your laptop, a cluster VM or wherever you want to run the helm commands from, please refer to Helm documentation and Helm github repository.


Tiller is the server side of Helm and runs inside the Kubernetes cluster.

The following steps are an example of how to setup RBAC Tiller (see also: Helm RBAC documentation).

To run the following commands you can use this yaml file

$ kubectl create -f helm-installs/tiller-rbac-config.yaml
$ helm init --override 'spec.template.spec.containers[0].command'='{/tiller,--storage=secret,--listen=localhost:44134}' --service-account tiller --upgrade

Setup the nodes which will run the ingress controller:

$ kubectl edit node mynode-1 # Set a label like `ingress-node: "true"` AND verify afterwords it is in place.