Welcome to Renku!

Renku is a software platform designed to enable reproducible and collaborative data science.

The platform:

  • Allows data scientists to easily make their analyses reproducible by automatically capturing the lineage of results in a Knowledge Graph
  • Turns parts of recorded data science pipelines into building blocks that can be reused by others in their own analyses
  • Provides tools for working with the Knowledge Graph for the purposes of traceability and auditability

If you are a data scientist looking to get started with Renku, head to the Getting Started with Renku tutorial for a quick look at how Renku can be used for a data science project. To read up on the concepts behind Renku, you may go straight to the Renku Concepts pages.

If you are a developer or a service provider, have a look at the Developer Documentation for information about installation, deployment, and architecture.

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