Release notes


This release expands Renku’s cloud storage functionality in two key ways: First, mounted storages are now read and write, so you can use mounted storage as an active workspace for your data in a RenkuLab session. Second, we have expanded the cloud storage services you can integrate with RenkuLab. You can now mount not only S3 buckets, but also WebDAV-based storages and Azure Blobs.

If you use SSH sessions via the CLI, you can use cloud storage there too! Configure cloud storage for your project on, and those storages will be mounted in your remote session. Support for cloud storage in local Renku sessions is still on our roadmap.

This release also adds the ability to change which resource class your session uses when you unpause the session, in case the original resource class is now full.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ–‹ Notebooks,Data Services,CSI: Support for read and write storage mounting in sessions using a new rclone based storage driver (#1707, #92, #1).

  • πŸ”Œ UI: add support for more storage services (#2908, #2915).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ–ŒοΈ UI: Improve the look and feel of the home page (#2968, #2937, #2927).

  • πŸ” UI: Use password fields for credentials (#2920).

  • πŸ”§ UI: Allow users to modify non running sessions (#2942).

  • πŸ›‘ UI: Improve feedback when starting sessions on outdated projects (#2985).

  • πŸ–ŒοΈ UI: Update the Renku logo and Renku browser icons (#2848).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Resize the feedback badge on the session settings page (#2953).

  • UI: Fix the environment dropdown on the Start session page (#2949).

  • UI: Improve string validation when trying to upload a dataset file by URL (#2834).

Internal Changes


  • UI: RenkuLab admins can now add tolerations and node affinities to resource classes (#2916).

  • UI: RenkuLab admins can add multiple users to a resource pool at once via a list of emails (#2910).

  • UI: Use the renku-core API for session options (#2947).

  • UI: Specify a branch every time a renku-core API is invoked (#2977).

Individual Components


Renku 0.46.0 contains a bugfix for issues some users are facing when migrating projects to the newest metadata version.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • UI: Improve feedback when starting sessions on outdated projects (#2985).

  • CLI: Allow specifying storage to mount when launching Renkulab sessions from the CLI (#3629).

  • KG: Remove the Free-Text Dataset Search API as improved functionality is offered by the Entities Search. (#1833).

  • KG: Add support for specifying templateRef and templateParameters on the Project Create API. (#1837).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Core Service: Fix migrations not working when the Dockerfile needs to be migrated as well (#3687).

Internal Changes

✨ Improvements

  • Core Service: Allow passing commit sha on endpoint for anonymous users (#3685).

Individual Components


User-Facing Changes

  • Core Service: Removed support for metadata v9 projects in the UI. Migration to v10 is now required.

  • Core Service: Fixed a bug where projects weren’t cloned shallowly, leading to large projects not working properly on the platform.

Internal Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • KG: The process removing expiring Project Access Tokens not to be locked on the date of rollout.

  • UI: Use the default branch on all the core datasets API to prevent cache conflicts resulting in broken or missing datasets (#2972).

Individual components


This is a bugfix release that updates the helm chart to work with new prometheus metrics in the renku core service, which was preventing it from starting properly if metrics were enabled. In addition this release also addresses problems with expiring Gitlab access tokens when sessions are paused and resumed which caused resumed session to not be able to push to Gitlab or also it caused some sessions to not be able to resume after they have been paused.

Internal Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Helm Chart: update core-service deployment to allow service and rq metrics to run side-by-side (#3303).

  • Notebooks: use a larger /dev/shm folder in sessions (#1723)

  • Notebooks: properly renew expiring Gitlab tokens when hibernated session are resumed (#1734)

  • Gateway: properly renew expiring Gitlab tokens for hibernating sessions (#692)

Individual components


Renku 0.45.0 adds support for pausing and resuming sessions from the CLI. You can now also specify a project image when initializing a project from the CLI. Additionally, this release brings coherent usage of Dataset name and slug across all Renku APIs.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • Core Service, CLI: Add support for specifying a project image during project initialization (#3623).

  • CLI: Add support for pausing & resuming remote sessions from the cli (#3633).

Internal Changes

✨ Improvements

  • Core Service, CLI: Make slug and name consistent with rest of platform (#3620).

  • Core Service: Add prometheus metrics (#3640).

  • UI: Adapt dataset APIs to the new naming convention used in the backend (#2854).

  • KG: All APIs to return Dataset slug and name and no title property (#1741).

  • KG: Clean up process removing project tokens close to their expiration date (#1812).

Individual components


Renku 0.44.0 introduces the ability to pin your favorite projects to the dashboard in RenkuLab for easy access. Additionally, it features a redesigned landing page that provides information about Renku, its key features, and the development team behind the platform, plus entry points for getting started with the platform.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ“ŒοΈ UI: Users can now pin projects to the dashboard, up to a maximum of 5 projects (#2898).

  • 🎨 UI: Introduce a redesigned landing page to enhance the user experience for new users exploring the platform for the first time (#2925).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ–Ό UI: [Keycloak] Enhance UX for registration and authentication in the platform (#26).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Correctly update progress of project indexing (#2833).

  • UI: Change icons in the Nav bar to use Bootstrap icons (#2882).

  • UI: Fixed bug that caused Dashboard to reload frequently by handling errors from the getSessions query in the Dashboard (#2903).

  • UI: Adjust dropdown menus with anchors nested in buttons (#2907).

  • UI: Update the workflows documentation link (#2917).

  • UI: Add whitespace after author name in session commit details (#2921).

Internal Changes

✨ Improvements

  • Data services: New API endpoints to store and retrieve user preferences have been added to support the projects pins (#85).

Individual components


Renku 0.43.0 brings improvements to the KG API, addresses a few bugs in the UI and in the data services API.

A note to Renku administrators: this release includes breaking changes in our Helm chart values file. For more details on the Helm chart values changes please refer to the explanation in helm-chart/

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • KG: Performance improvements to the Cross-Entity Search API. (#1666).

  • KG: The Cross-Entity Search API to allow filtering by a role. (#1486).

  • KG: Improved search to return results where the search keyword is separated by underscores. (#1783).

  • KG: A new GET /knowledge-graph/version API. (#1760).

  • KG: Token service and Webhook service can now accept an AES token that is not base64 encoded. (#1774).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ”½ UI: Prevent showing wrong options on the Session dropdown menu when the project namespace includes uppercase letters (#2874).

  • πŸ”² UI: Restore the switch between creating and importing a dataset, and restyle the buttons (#2857).

  • πŸ”¨ UI: Address visual glitches on many pages (#2883).

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ UI: Prevent occasionally duplicating last visited projects on the Dashboard (#2892).

  • KG: Prevent CLI’s Dataset Import from failing when the Dataset belongs to a project with more than 20 datasets.

Internal Changes


  • KG: KG services to work with both Base64 encoded and ASCII secrets read from configuration.

  • KG: Java upgraded to 21.0 and Jena to 4.10.0.

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Correctly handle Statuspage down (#2871).

  • CRC: Do not create new quotas when updating existing ones

  • CRC: Use one database connection pool with limited number of connections

Individual Components


Renku 0.42.1 is a bugfix release that addresses the following bugs in a few services:

  • creating new resources in the data-services API

  • properly enforcing access controls to the default resource pool

  • accidentally removing the git repository directory from hibernated sessions

  • properly templating node affinities and tolerations from the data-services into user sessions

Individual components


Renku 0.42.0 allows RenkuLab administrators to easily manage user resource pools via an Admin Panel built into RenkuLab. User resource pools are a way to manage the compute resources accessible to groups of RenkuLab users for interactive sessions. From the new Admin Panel, admins can create resource pools, set their max resource quotas, customize the session classes available within pools, and add users to pools. Admins can access the new Admin Panel by navigating to the account icon in the top right in RenkuLab and selecting β€˜Admin Panel’. To access the Admin Panel, a user must have the renku-admin role delegated to them in Keycloak.

In addition, the login screen was updated to better space components on smaller screens and fix minor visual glitches.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ–Ό UI: Admins can configure compute resources available to groups of users for interactive sessions. (#2752).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ’Ύ UI: Show a confirmation text when saving a session (#2856).

Internal Changes

  • renku-gateway can now proxy to Keycloak endpoints

Individual components:


Renku 0.41.1 is a bugfix release to patch a bug found in the data service which prevented new users from being created due to a db migration problem.

Individual components


Renku 0.41.0 adds new functionality for configuring external storage in projects! Users can now configure external storage to be mounted automatically in their sessions. The settings are persisted for the project, but access control is managed by the provider of the storage, not by Renku. This means that for restricted data sources, users must enter credentials separately. This first implementation only supports S3-compatible storage, but we will add support for additional providers soon.

Lastly, with this release administrators can configure the RenkuLab homepage to highlight chosen projects.

A note to Renku administrators: this release includes breaking changes in our Helm chart values file. Refer to the Internal Changes section below for more details.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ–Ό UI: Admins can designate projects to be showcased on the home page, which will show them in the showcase section of the home page (#2799).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ’Ύ UI: Add support for cloud storage configuration per project. There are now more options to customize to support external S3 and S3 compatible storage better (#2760).

  • 🌈 UI: Improve color contrast and other UX elements (#2846).

Internal Changes

This release is a breaking change to the Helm values file and it requires minor edits to the following field:

  • ui.homepage removed the unused projects field and added the showcase field.

  • amalthea.scheduler.* deprecates all existing child fields and adds new child fields. If you are not defining these fields in your values file then you are using the default Kubernetes scheduler and this requires no action. But if you are defining a custom scheduler in your deployment’s values file then this requires additional edits to your values file so that you can retain the same functionality as before.

  • the crc field in the values file has been renamed to dataService, all child fields remain the same functionally and by name.

For more details on the Helm chart values changes please refer to the explanation in helm-chart/

In addition to this, other notable changes include:

  • add node affinities and tolerations for resource classes

  • persist cloud storage configurations at the project level

  • validation of Rclone cloud storage configuration by the backend

  • update the Amalthea scheduler to work with newer versions of Kubernetes

  • renku-notebooks now get S3 cloud storage configuration from renku-data-services

  • renku-gateway now provides credentials for the cloud storage potion of renku-data-services

  • UI shows prominent banners during major outages

  • various bug fixes across many components

  • users can be prevented from accessing the default resource pool in renku-data-services

Individual components


Renku 0.40.2 fixes a bug in the Renku data services where the web server consumed a lot of database connections.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Data services: Run the server with only 1 worker so that fewer database connections are consumed

Individual components


Renku 0.40.1 reverts recent changes to Lucene configuration in the Triples Store preventing users from searching by keywords.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • KG: Use the StandardTokenizer to allow searching by keywords containing underscore signs.

Individual components


Renku 0.40.0 introduces UI performance improvements and fixes internal KG and Triples Store performance issues.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸš€ UI: Reduce the compiled bundle size to improve performance of the UI (#2818, #2827, #2832)

  • πŸš€ UI: [Dashboard] Speed up showing the warning for non-indexed projects (#2824)

  • πŸ› οΈ UI: [Projects] Use the KG API to update a project’s metadata for the following cases: visibility, keywords and description (#2793)

Internal Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸš€ KG: reduces the number of update queries run against the Triples Store causing its performance degradation.

  • πŸ› οΈ UI: [Datasets] Use versioned URL of renku-core when uploading files to a dataset (#2831)

Individual components


Renku 0.39.3 fixes various bugs.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Helm chart: fix problem with missing network policies preventing access to sessions

  • Helm chart: use the session specific affinity, node selector and tolerations and not the general configuration reserved for Renku services

  • Helm chart: use the correct default value for the Renku OAuth client in Gitlab


Renku 0.39.2 fixes a bug when pausing sessions.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Renku Notebooks: fix a bug in session hibernation (#1645)

Individual components


Renku 0.39.1 fixes bugs in the Helm chart introduced by 0.39.0.

Internal Changes

This introduces changes in the templates and values file of the Helm chart from 0.39.0 that were causing the Helm upgrade operation to fail.


Renku 0.39.0 moves all renku component Helm charts to one single chart that now resides in this repository.

After initial testing we have noticed a bug in this version of the Helm chart. If you have already deployed this version simply upgrading to 0.39.1 will fix things. If you have not yet deployed this version then skip it and go straight to 0.39.1. The reason for the bug is that we replaced the spec.selector.matchLabels field of two important deployments in the Gateway because of this the two components do not upgrade and the whole Helm upgrade operation fails.

Also, with the next releases we will adopt a specific way of versioning the helm chart. Namely:

  • Patch changes (i.e. 0.50.1 -> 0.50.2) indicate that there are NO changes in the Helm chart and that only application level bug fixes are present in the new release.

  • Minor version changes (i.e. 0.50.2 -> 0.51.0) indicate that there are NO changes in the Helm chart and that only application level new features and/or application level breaking changes are present.

  • Major version changes (i.e. 0.50.0 -> 1.0.0) will be reserved for changes in the Helm chart, either when the values file changes or when the Helm templates change.

Please note that this is a breaking change to the values file and it requires three minor edits to the following fields:

  • graph.jena.* moved to jena.*

  • notebooks.amalthea.* moved to amalthea.*

  • notebooks.dlf-chart.* moved to dlf-chart.*

For more details please refer to the explanation in helm-chart/

Internal Changes

There are now no more separate Helm charts for the core, notebooks, graph, UI and gateway components. All the Helm templates have been moved into the main Renku Helm chart in this repository.


Renku 0.38.0 improves the Knowledge Graph API, with a new Project Creation functionality and a Project Update enhancement. There is also a new version of the core service with multiple bug fixes and a few new features.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • CLI: allow disabling automated parameter detection in renku run (#3548).

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Knowledge Graph: New Project Create API to create a project in GitLab and Knowledge Graph (#1635).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: Improves quality of the results returned by the Cross-Entity Search API.

  • Knowledge Graph: The Project Update API to work for non-public projects (#1695).

Internal Changes


  • Core Service: replace/refactor internal repository cache (#3534).

Bug Fixes

  • CLI: do not freeze/unfreeze plan view model (#3599) (3c48cff)

  • CLI: simplify ssh setup and key usage (#3615) (3fa737a)

  • Core Service: setting a non-existing config property to null more than once results in error (#3595) (e0ff587)

  • Core Service: skip fast cache migrations check for anonymous users (#3577) (9ee3176)

  • Core Service: normalize git url to avoid duplicate cache entries (#3606) (19142c6)

  • CLI: adapt to changes in Knowledge Graph API for importing datasets (#3549) (020434a)

  • Core Service: add branch to service cache path (#3562) (3800a38)

  • Core Service: add support for using default values in template parameters (#3550) (d162392)

  • Knowledge Graph: Various issues preventing Grafana dashboards not working. (#1717) (#1719).

Individual components


Renku 0.37.0 introduces a new feature to pause sessions and later resume them exactly where you left off. All of your work in progress, including files, data, and environment changes not saved to git, are resumed right as you left them.

This feature replaces RenkuLab’s branch-based auto-save mechanism. Most users do not have to do anything to transition from auto-saves to persistent sessions. However, if your last session went into an auto-save, you can still retrieve that work by using Start with Options and selecting your most recent auto-save branch. If your project contains auto-save branches that you do not need anymore, you can safely delete them.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • ⏸️ Renku Notebooks and UI: Support for pausing (i.e. hibernating) and resuming sessions (#1518) (#2686).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: restore adding files by URL to datasets (#2800).

Internal Changes

New Features

  • Renku Notebooks: Use a new version of Amalthea which adds fields for culling hibernating sessions in the CRD.

  • Renku Notebooks - Helm chart breaking change: notebooks.culling.idleThresholdSeconds in the values file was renamed to notebooks.culling.idleSecondsThreshold.

Individual components


Renku 0.36.3 is a bug-fix release that solves a few issues with creating new projects and datasets.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: fix render loops in creating new projects; they were occasionally creating problems based on the specific fields filled in by the user. (#2788).

  • UI: restore adding files to datasets on an outdated but supported metadata version (#2788).

  • UI: do not error on dataset thumbnails pointing to an external URL (#2791).

  • UI: prevent failures when unzipping files with a large number of elements on dataset creation (#2786).

Individual components


Renku 0.36.2 is a bug-fix release that fixes a bug with running renku save from JupyterServer session sidecars.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Renku Notebooks: Fix a problem that prevented users from saving data via the UI in a session (#1620).

Individual components


Renku 0.36.1 is a bug-fix release that includes the fixes from 0.35.2.

It also includes a few changes behind the scenes on how the UI interacts with backend components.

Internal Changes


  • UI: Take advantage of Core Service API versions (#2764).

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Fix bootstrap icons (#2772).

Individual components


Renku 0.36.0 introduces an updated landing page layout to help new users explore the platform for the first time. Thus, it implements a few bug fixes for the UI and Knowledge Graph.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Knowledge Graph: Project Update API can update description, keywords and image (#1631).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ“ UI: Update the landing page for non-logged users to simplify discovering the platform (#2741).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Fix the Renku version on the footer (#2776).

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Prevent using different repository URLs for the same project (#2766).

Individual components


Renku 0.35.2 introduces a UI bug-fix to prevent overloading backend components when using pre-filled template links.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Handle embedded template variables in project creation links (#2789).

Individual components


Renku 0.35.1 introduces bug fixes in the compute resource control (CRC) service and the gateway.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Compute resource control: Fix erroneous validation errors with quotas (#22)

  • Gateway: Sticky sessions null de-reference causing crashes (#673)

Individual components


Renku 0.35.0 introduces new features in the UI and bug fixes in various components.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ«₯ UI: Add a new section in the project settings to change visibility (#2648).

  • πŸ”’ UI: Show the Renku version on the footer and add a new page to list the backend components versions. (#2703).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ«₯ UI: Use the description from the project metadata in the project pages. This means the description set at project creation won’t go lost. (#2631).

  • ❓ UI: Use a more generic and user-friendly concept instead of β€œKnowledge Graph” when referring to the project metadata processing (#2709).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Allow navigating back during and after the login without ending in a corrupted state (#2711).

  • UI: Sort project datasets by the user-friendly title instead of the hidden name (#2702).

  • UI: Update the loader spinner to fix DOM nesting errors (#2750).

  • UI: Prevent fake warnings from memory constraints when starting sessions (#2757).

Internal Changes


  • KG: New graph for storing auth data (#1661).

  • UI: Restore maintenance page (#2715).

Bug Fixes

  • Core Service: Fix issue with cache.migrations_check timing out. (#3597) (20b5589)

  • Core Service: Fix dataset image IDs for datasets imported from Zenodo (#3596) (f624b2b)

  • Core Service: Fix issue on workflows UI with badly formatted IDs (#3594) (c418c17)

  • Gateway: properly use Redis sentinel client (#668) (5ab4447)

  • Gateway: properly redirect from /gitlab urls (#669) (2fac96f)

  • Gateway: return 404 if the core service metadata version does not exist instead of redirecting to the endpoint that is using the latest metadata version (#667) (2753d07

  • UI: Use a common project URL when invoking renku-core APIs (#2722).

Individual components


Renku 0.34.1 fixes Project names in the UI and the Knowledge Graph API.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: The Knowledge Graph APIs return wrong names, especially for Projects that are forks. (#1662).

Individual components


Renku 0.34.0 comes with improvements in the Infrastructure.

Internal Changes

New Features

  • Infrastructure: add support for ingress class name


  • Documentation: refactor certificate management part to show how to make use of cert-manager and manually created certificates in both development and production contexts.


Renku 0.33.1 introduces bug fixes and addition of a warning field when listing servers in the Notebook service. The minor change in the Notebook service API are fully backwards compatible. It also brings some improvements and bug fixes in the Knowledge Graph.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ”Ž Knowledge Graph: all the APIs return a new Project slug property. The path property although still available will be removed in the future. (#1641).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: Cross-Entity Search cannot find projects by creator. (#1656).

Internal Changes

  • Renku Notebooks: add session warnings to jupyter server API responses (#1482) (b463980)

Bug Fixes

  • Renku Notebooks: parse old server options in request to start sessions (#1570) (8b3e5c0)

  • Renku Notebooks: properly recover LFS files from autosave branches (#1568) (8f34b09)

  • Knowledge Graph: fix for an infinite retry loop while sending certain types of internal events. (#1650).

Individual components


Renku 0.33.0 introduces improvements and bug fixes in the UI and Knowledge Graph.

The UI benefits from better error handling and overall behavior, including improved handling of common R file extensions. Regarding the Knowledge Graph, the Cross-Entity Search improves significantly its performance and project visibility can be changed through a dedicated API.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • 🫣 Knowledge Graph: Add a new Project Update API for changing Project visibility (#1611).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ”Ž Knowledge Graph: The Cross-Entity Search returns a new dateModified property for Project and Dataset entities (#1612) and (#1595).

  • 〽️ Knowledge Graph: Improved performance of the Cross-Entity Search while searching for datasets (#1591).

  • πŸ”™ UI: Add a global error page for fatal errors preventing blank pages (#2604).

  • πŸ“„ UI: Support previewing additional common R file extensions (#2639).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Prevent showing endless loader when migration errors occur (#2650).

  • UI: Do not expand folders by default in dataset view when dataset contains large number of elements (#2628).

  • UI: Render Rstudio components correctly – sometimes columns were collapsed (#2660).

  • UI: Prevent losing work when editing datasets (#2628).

Internal Changes

New Features

  • Renku Notebooks: Use a new version of Amalthea which adds fields for hibernating sessions in the CRD.

Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: Fixed the problem of concurrent writes to the Triples Store causing data integrity violations (#1577).

Individual components


Renku 0.32.0 introduces improvements in the KG services, enhancing KG overall performance.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ” KG: updatedAt renamed to dateModified on the Project Details API (#1582).

  • πŸ“– KG: Improved performance of the Project Status API (#1554).

Internal Changes

** Improvements**

  • KG: A new process to synchronize various project properties between GitLab and Triples Store (#1569).

Individual components


Renku 0.31.0 introduces the compute resource control (CRC) service, enabling Renku administrators to manage access to specific computing resources. The service exposes an HTTP API for the administrators to interact with. In this way, Renku administrators can create, update or delete resource pools, and can add to or remove users from resource pools. Please note that a user interface for the CRC has not been added yet but it will be added in a future release. Currently, the only way for administrators to interact with the CRC service is through the swagger page which can be found at the path /swagger/?urls.primaryName=crc%20service appended to the base URL of a Renku deployment. A Renku administrator is any user who has the renku-admin realm role. Assigning users to this role can be performed by the Keycloak administrator via the Keycloak UI or API.

The CRC service also brings changes to the user interface for launching sessions, specifically when it comes to selecting compute resources for a specific session. With this version we have grouped different pre-set configurations of memory, CPU, RAM and GPU in resource classes. Resource classes are further grouped in resource pools and users are asked to select the resource pool and class they wish to use when they launch a session rather than separately specify memory, CPU, RAM and GPU requirements. The selection for the amount of disk storage required is also changed but now has more freedom than before. Users can now select disk storage with a slider that only has a maximum limit and no pre-set steps. For projects where the users have specified resource requests in the project settings the UI will provide hints as to which resource classes are suitable based on the settings. When the quick launch button is used to start a session the closest equal or greater resource class based on the project settings will be automatically selected.

Apart from the changes needed to support compute resource access features, support has also been added for common R file extensions.

This release also includes a hotfix for an issue with the horizontal scaling of the core-service where users could get redirected to the wrong service instance and subsequent requests to the core-service would fail due to partial cache misses.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» UI: Update session start options and project settings to use compute resource pools (#2484).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • 〽️ UI: Support common R file extensions (#2638).

  • πŸ›  Renku Core Service: Isolates core-service cache per instance, improves cache cleanup. (#3555).

Internal Changes

🌟 New Features

  • Infrastructure: Add the compute resource control service.

  • Renku Notebooks: Use the compute resource control (CRC) service.

Individual components


Renku 0.30.1 is a small bugfix release that addresses a problem with the gateway Helm chart.

Internal Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Gateway: Remove duplicate environment variables in reverse proxy container (#660).

Individual components


Renku 0.30.0 adds the ability for the core service to horizontally scale and for the gateway to provide sticky sessions for the core service. In addition, improvements and bug fixes are also included on the UI, as well as required changes for enabling sticky sessions for the core service.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ”­ UI: Surface backend error message on dataset list page (#2629).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Do not query for datasets if no backend is available for the project version (#2636).

Internal Changes

🌟 New Features

  • Gateway: Add sentry to reverse-proxy (#654)

  • Gateway: Core-service sticky sessions (#646)

  • Renku Core Service: Horizontal scaling (#3178).

  • UI: Handle responses from the new core versions endpoint (#2134).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Renku Core Service: Fixes importing private datasets in deployments with external gitlab (#3523).

  • UI: Prevent API failures for projects on older metadata versions (#2627).

Individual components


Renku 0.29.0 introduces new UI features and a PostgreSQL DB for triples-generator.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ“ UI: Add a customizable message to the dashboard page (#2592).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Restore deleting datasets (#2607).

  • UI: Improve showing the error details for sessions (#2611).

  • UI: Fix sessions not showing on dashboard (#2608).

  • UI: Allow up to 100 namespaces and sort them (#2606).

  • UI: Prevent crashes when handling markdown files (#2597).

Internal Changes

✨ Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Infrastructure: properly generate PostgreSQL secrets on upgrade (#3137).

Individual components


Renku 0.28.1 resolves a minor bug that occurs when launching sessions when git submodules are used.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • πŸ›  Renku Notebooks: do not fail session launch if Git submodules couldn’t be pulled.

Individual components


Renku 0.28.0 simplifies the project status update by making it available in the project settings tab and improves the information in the UI regarding the indexing processes. Thus, it enables new features for the command line interface related to sessions and exporting dataset keywords.

Read on for a full breakdown of all new features, improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • 🐳️ CLI: Pass docker run args to session start (#3487).

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»οΈ CLI: Shell completion for sessions (#3450).

  • πŸ“ŽοΈ CLI: Export dataset keywords (#3454).

  • KG: Dataset Details API response enhanced with info about project specific dataset identifier (#1546).

  • KG: slug as a copy of name on responses from all Dataset APIs (#1544).

  • πŸ—‘οΈ UI: Added a delete project button on the settings tab (#2416).

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»οΈ UI: Major rework and simplification of project status page (moved to Settings -> General) (#2315).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ“ŽοΈ CLI: Fixed dataset update with external files (#3379).

  • πŸ› οΈ CLI: Fixed special paths in workflow files and bump toil/cwltool (#3489).

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ UI: Made text not selectable in entity cards (#2546).

  • πŸ“ŽοΈ UI: Fixed the β€œadd dataset to project” feature (#2549).

  • πŸ”—οΈ UI: Fixed clicking on a file name on the dataset view wrongly leading to lineage and not contents (#1270).

  • πŸ”—οΈ UI: Fixed getting a 404 page when switching from lineage view to contents (#2571).

Internal Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ› οΈ Gateway: Added new path to knowledge-graph webhooks (#639).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ› οΈ Core: Fixed working on branches in the core-svc (#3472).

  • πŸ› οΈ Core: Return proper errors on migrations check (#3334).

Individual components


Renku 0.27.0 upgrades the Keycloak version that is shipped with the project.

NOTE: make sure to check helm-chart/README.rst and helm-chart/ for instructions on how to upgrade to this version of Renku.

Internal Changes


  • Infrastructure: (BREAKING CHANGE) Use a new Keycloak Helm chart (codecentric/keycloakx) and upgrade Keycloak to 20.0.3. This requires modifying your current values file to work with the new Keycloak Helm chart, see (the helm chart values changelog) for instructions.

Individual components


Renku 0.26.2 resolves bugs and adds minor features in renku-graph.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • KG: Improved performance when searching for Projects.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Excessive Project Access Tokens creation when calling Project Status API for non-activated projects.

Individual components


Renku 0.26.1 comes with a fix for KG services failing on startup when longer than 16 chars secrets are configured.

Individual components


Renku 0.26.0 resolves bugs and adds minor features in the core-service, CLI, renku-graph, and the UI.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • 🚒 Renku CLI: Allow force-building local images and setting local port on docker session provider.

  • KG: A new Recently Viewed Entities API giving information about entities the user viewed.

  • πŸ” UI: Add a clone button to the project overview (#2495).

✨ Improvements

  • ☝ Renku CLI: Removed nagging about new Renku CLI versions when running commands.

  • πŸͺ£ Renku CLI: Added support for storing dataset S3 credentials per bucket.

  • KG: Improved quality of search results returned by the Cross-Entity Search API.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ›  Renku Core Service, Renku CLI: Fixed an issue with v10 metadata migration regarding datasets.

  • 🍎 Renku CLI: Fixed compatibility with Python 3.11 on MacOS.

  • 🍎 Renku CLI: Fixed properly exporting triples for deleted datasets.

  • πŸ›  Renku Core Service, Renku CLI: Improved handling of Dockerfile changes when updating project template.

Internal Changes


  • πŸ“œ Renku Core Service, Renku CLI: Added code contracts in key places to ensure metadata consistency.

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Fix KG services failing on startup when longer than 16 chars secrets configured.

Individual components


Renku 0.25.6 fixes a bug in the Renku release process and does not bring any functional changes.


Renku 0.25.5 comes with a few KG bug-fixes.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • KG: Prevent presenting misleading information about Knowledge Graph integration status on projects where the user is not one of the members.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Resolve token decryption issues preventing Knowledge Graph integration activation.

Individual components


Renku 0.25.4 introduces several KG and UI bug-fixes.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Prevent flashing a spinning wheel when loading workflows (#2493).

  • UI: Restore the flag to show inactive workflows (#2502).

  • UI: Prevent infinite spinning wheel when accessing projects by numeric ID without the required user’s permissions (#2476).

  • UI: Fix an issue where a notebook would not automatically open in a session for anonymous users as an anonymous user (#2479).

  • UI: Prevent content layout shift when selecting a template (#2482).

  • UI: Update broken documentation link (#2497).

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Resolve issues with synchronization of project user access authorization data.

  • KG: Ensure that the Delete Project API works when there is no data for the project in the Triples Store.

  • KG: Ensure that the Lineage API works in cases of implicit parameters, inputs and outputs.

  • UI: Correct handling of notebook search parameter with autostart (#2469).

Individual components


Renku 0.25.3 introduces a bug fix in the Helm chart for the gateway.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Gateway: chart: properly template horizontal pod auto-scaler for reverse proxy (#643).

Individual components


Renku 0.25.2 introduces a few bug fixes and improvements in the UI.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • 🧾 UI: Use drop-downs for session options with many elements (#2461).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Prevent dropping valid pinned images when starting new sessions (#2466).

  • UI: Ignore deleted projects on the dashboard (#2465).

  • UI: Fix fork suggestion when trying to start sessions on non-owned projects (#2465).

  • UI: Remove conspicuous commas in the add dataset screen (#2472).

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Do not query workflows on outdated projects (#2460).

  • UI: Fix broken warning component on sessions pages (#2474).

Individual components


Renku 0.25.1 introduces a small bug fix in the Gateway internal components.

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Gateway: correct path for reaching Gitlab from the CLI, it should be /repos instead of /api/repos.

Individual components


Renku 0.25.0 introduces an update to the base images and templates, as well as changes in internal components and the Helm chart.

User-facing Changes


  • New base images correct a PATH misconfiguration that occurs when connecting to a session with SSH. If using sessions through SSH, please update your project!

Internal Changes


  • Gateway: replace the Traefik reverse proxy with a custom solution based on the Echo library in Go.

Individual components


Renku 0.24.4 resolves bugs in the Knowledge Graph backend processes.

Internal Changes


  • KG: Collect info about users who showed interest in projects and datasets.

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Resolve problems causing flows accessing GitLab API to go into deadlock.

Individual components


Renku 0.24.3 resolves bugs in the UI and in the Knowledge Graph backend processes.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ”— UI: Resolve an issue where the Connect button on the Dashboard leads to a broken link (#2444).

Internal Changes


  • UI: Retrieve project metadata from the KG on project access (#2414).

Bug Fixes

  • KG: Resolve problems causing particular flows to terminate prematurely, as well as improve the quality of logging within the Activation API.

Individual components


Renku 0.24.2 introduces bug fixes. We squashed a bug where you may have had trouble finding your projects in other namespaces. Now, all projects show up in the Knowledge Graph activation page so you can add them to your dashboard.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • ❌ Knowledge Graph: Add a new API to delete projects.

  • πŸ”˜ UI: Provide the same options on the session dropdown buttons across the dashboard and the project page. (#2393).

  • πŸ“– UI: Make the browser column and file content column sticky when scrolling long files on the file viewer. (#2412).

  • 🧾 UI: Improve the feedback for sessions ending in an error state. (#2411).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Core Service: Fix a crash when migrating to v10 metadata (#3359).

  • Knowledge Graph: Expand the Knowledge Graph Project Activation page to list all projects where the user is a member, not only owned projects.

  • Sessions: Fixed bug where sessions from one project would appear under another project (#1423).

  • UI: Prevent listing projects twice on the dashboard (#2408).

  • UI: Start sessions with base images when pinned images are missing (#2410).

Internal Changes


  • Knowledge Graph: A new functionality to capture Project viewing events

Individual components


Renku 0.24.1 introduces bug fixes.

User-Facing Changes

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Core Service: Correctly update Dockerfile on migration (#3351).

  • Renku CLI: Fix git credentials helper setup in renku login (#3348).

  • Sessions: Sessions crashing when automated token refresh runs in background (#1416).

Internal Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: Fixes and improvements to the schema v10 migration

Individual components


Renku 0.24.0 introduces two new features: SSH-access to RenkuLab sessions and a new RenkuLab Dashboard!

Would you like to work on your Renku project from the comfort of your own local computer? Use the Renku CLI to start an SSH session on RenkuLab, and open that session in your local terminal or even your IDE, such as VSCode. Check out the β€œConnect with SSH” option in the Session Start menu to get started, or see our docs. Note that SSH functionality must be enabled by your administrator and may not be available on all RenkuLab deployments.

And, your RenkuLab Dashboard now has a snazzy new look that puts your most used projects, sessions, and datasets at your fingertips. Quickly pick up where you left off: connect to your already-running sessions, start a new session on a recently visited project, or access your datasets- all from a single page!

Read on for a full breakdown of all improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • ⌨️ Renku CLI: Enable connecting to RenkuLab sessions via SSH (#3318).

  • πŸ“‘ UI: Show instructions on how to connect to RenkuLab sessions via SSH from the Session Start menu (#2376).

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» UI: Add a new dashboard for logged-in users, showing running sessions, last accessed projects, and own datasets (#2332).

✨ Improvements

  • Sessions: Fail when injecting env vars that already exist in session (#1396)

  • πŸ“œ UI: Show commit messages in the commit selection dropdown when starting a session from a specific commit (#2362).

  • πŸ”— UI: Make searches shareable by storing parameters in the URL (#2351).

  • πŸ“Έ UI: Customize avatars when creating a project (#2331).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Gateway: Use offline access tokens for automated access from within sessions. (#632).

  • Sessions: Propagate environment variables for R-Studio sessions (#1339).

  • UI: Fix markdown problems with underscores in links and math formulas (#2374).

  • UI: Restore session autostart when connecting from the notebook preview page (#2344).

  • UI: Improve dataset pages (#2318, #2357).

  • UI: Sort commits by date to prevent random order (#2347).

Internal Changes


  • Core Service: Metadata v10 support

  • Knowledge Graph Add support for the new Renku Metadata Schema v10.

  • Knowledge Graph Enable the Cross-Entity Search API to allow multiple sort parameters.

  • Knowledge Graph Remove deprecated GraphQL API

  • Knowledge Graph: Upgrade Jena to 4.7.0

  • Sessions: Show if ssh is enabled in /version of notebook service (#1407).

  • Sessions: Introduce experimental Azure Blob storage support (#1374).

  • Sessions: Enable SSH access via jump host (#1389).

Bug Fixes

  • Sessions: Cloning the correct SHA for anonymous user sessions (#1406).

Individual components


Renku 0.23.0 introduces the Renku Workflow File, a friendlier way to encode and run your data analysis pipelines on Renku. You can write out your workflow in this easy-to-use YAML file, and execute it with renku run workflow.yml. Add a workflow to your Renku project with our docs here!

User-Facing Changes

🌟 New Features

  • πŸ“ Renku CLI: Add support for workflow files which can be executed directly, greatly improving the UX around workflows (#3176).

✨ Improvements

  • βš™οΈ Renku CLI: Made toil the default workflow backend instead of cwl (#3220).

  • πŸ’¨ Knowledge Graph: Performance improvements for Cross-Entities Search and Project Details APIs.

  • πŸ”Œ UI: Change text on the quick-start session button from β€œstart” to β€œconnect” when a session is running (#2268).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Renku CLI: Fixed toil dependency not being installed correctly.

  • Renku core service: Fix issue with project templates being cached and users being unable to create projects based on the newest version of a template (#3243).

  • UI: Restrict visibility options to be compatible with namespace and parent project in fork dialog (#2299).

Internal Changes


  • Infrastructure Components: redis has been upgraded from version 6.0.5 to 7.0.7

  • Knowledge Graph: New provisioning process managing data to be used in the future for further performance improvements of the search APIs.

Individual components


Renku 0.22.0 introduces a simplified and more powerful search, now powered by the Renku Knowledge Graph. Use the single integrated search bar to discover projects and datasets across Renku.

Plus, after a few months away, Project and Dataset images are back! Upload an image to your project or dataset (via the Settings menu) to add some pop to your Renku project. You’ll notice this change comes with a more compact look to Project and Dataset page headers, too.

Read on for more detail on UI and Knowledge Graph improvements and bug-fixes included in this release.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸ”Ž UI: Introduce a new cross-entity search page for searching Projects and Datasets simultaneously. This search page replaces the separate Projects and Datasets pages (#1894).

  • πŸ”² UI: Improve styling of buttons with menu and group buttons (#2243, #2284).

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ UI: Restore projects and datasets avatars, and add a simple image editor. (#2231, #2246).

  • πŸ“Š UI: Update real-time the project’s indexing status (#2255).

  • πŸ“‘ UI: Update documentation links and target the stable release (#2276).

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • UI: Restore per-language source highlighting in the file preview (#2233, #2265).

  • UI: Limit the available namespaces in which new projects may be created to the ones owned by the user to prevent failures (#2187).

  • UI: Prevent interface from freezing when interacting with broken sessions (#2269).

  • UI: Remove idle time when moving to step two on the starting session page. (#2282).

Internal Changes


  • Gitlab: Modify embedded renku-gitlab helm chart to use internal redis.

  • Knowledge Graph: List project images on responses from Cross-entity search and Project details APIs.

  • Knowledge Graph: Return more accurate processing details from the Project status API. The payload was updated and contains breaking changes).

  • Knowledge Graph: Accept project-id query parameter on the Event log API.

  • Knowledge Graph: Allow for greater control on the re-provisioning triggering conditions.

  • UI: Reduce unnecessary components re-rendering.

  • UI: Refresh the documentation for developers and external contributors (#2275).

Individual components


Renku 0.21.0 brings tidings of tweaks and bug fixes to make your Renku experience a little bit smoother.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • 🎨 UI: Improve the layout of the project creation, session start, and file browser pages.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ“ƒ UI: Update broken links to local projects and documentation, and add more links to useful resources (#2199, #2207, #2209).

  • πŸš€ UI: Fix glitches with autosave and improve layout of session pages (7fbda29, #2211).

  • πŸ”¦ UI: Prevent flashing inputs when forking a project (#2157).

Internal Changes


  • Gateway: Add endpoint for refreshing expiring GitLab tokens

  • Knowledge Graph: Improve functionality to refresh access tokens before expiration

  • Knowledge Graph: Enhance migration functionality to restore missing CompositePlans

  • Knowledge Graph: Fix to prevent data corruption which could previously occur due to duplicate Project creation dates

  • Sessions: Check LFS size and available disk space before cloning

  • UI: Receive notifications through WebSocket when session state changes (#2145, #2189).

Bug fixes

  • Gateway: Do not remove Redis clients on logout

  • Gateway: Address security vulnerabilities

  • Knowledge Graph: Switched to the latest Alpine Linux to address docker image vulnerabilities identified by Snyk

  • Knowledge Graph: Handle cases when Plan Invalidation Time is wrong

  • Knowledge Graph: Make the Cross Entity search API results sorting case-insensitive

  • Knowledge Graph: Escape Lucene keywords from Cross-Entity Search query parameter

  • Knowledge Graph: Return all inactive Projects from the User’s-Projects API (previously only returned 20)

  • Sessions: Handle expiring GitLab tokens

Individual components


Renku 0.20.0 tidies up the RenkuLab session start sequence, as well as an assortment of improvements and bug fixes.

User-Facing Changes

✨ Improvements

  • πŸš€ UI: We tidied up the session launch sequence to have a unified appearance, regardless of where on RenkuLab you start your session from. Sessions also have better logs and error handling.

  • 🎨 UI: The RenkuLab login and logout pages have been updated with the latest styling.

  • πŸ’¬ Renku CLI: When you run renku save in a clean but unpushed repository, renku now informs you that it has pushed changes to the remote, rather than just saying that there were no changes to save.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • πŸ’” Renku CLI: Fixed an issue where renku workflow compose would break renku workflow list.

  • 🍴 UI: Fixed the Project name field getting reset when forking a project.

  • πŸ“ƒ UI: Fixed issues with downloading session logs.

Internal Changes


  • Knowledge Graph: Read lineage data from the new dataset in the Triples Store

  • Knowledge Graph: Added info about Composite Plans to the Cross-Entity Search API

  • Knowledge Graph: Adopted renku-python 1.10.0 with significantly improved graph export performance

  • Renku core service: Extended the workflow API, adding an export endpoint that returns the workflow definition.

  • Sessions: Added support for running sessions in a separate namespace

  • Sessions: Added caching for Jupyter servers

Bug fixes

  • Gateway: Removed trailing slash from redirect links

  • Knowledge Graph: Fixed wrong Plans creation dates through migration

  • Knowledge Graph: Switched to using Project Access Tokens for accessing GitLab API

  • Renku core service: Fixed Plans creation dates from preceding their corresponding Activities

  • Sessions: Fixed properly accept getting session logs without a limit

Individual components


Version 0.19.1 is a minor bugfix release to the UI. In certain situations, the session save and refresh buttons would report that they were not supported, when in fact they would have worked. This problem has been fixed.

Bug fixes

  • UI: improve robustness of sessions save πŸ’Ύ and refresh πŸ”„ buttons (#2100)

Individual components


This release adds support for showing workflows in the UI. You can visualize workflows in project pages by clicking on the new Workflows tab. Support for editing workflows and searching them through multiple projects will come in a feature release.

This also brings changes to the way data is organized in the Triples Store and bug-fixes to improve the core service stability.


  • UI: browse and visualize workflows in projects πŸ”€ (#2038)

  • UI: add refresh button to update live sessions β†ͺ️

  • Renku core service: add /workflow_plans.list and / for listing and showing workflows in a project πŸ”€

  • Knowledge Graph: use Named Graphs dataset in the Triples Store for provisioning processes and APIs πŸ’Ύ

Bug fixes

  • UI: fill values correctly in new project form links πŸ”— (#2026)

  • UI: handle corrupted autosave information and improve warnings when starting a session ⚠️

  • Renku core service: fix intermittent issue with project cache concurrency πŸƒ

  • Renku core service: fix import of private datasets with some cloud-native github instances ‡️

Individual components


This release fixes a bug in the core-service and includes improvements for the renku gateway service


  • Gateway: enable /gitlab path even when external GitLab is configured, and forward traffic to external GitLab

Bug fixes

  • Renku Core Service: fix temporary working directory in service getting accidentally removed by other threads

  • Project templates: fix broken nbconvert package needed by jupyter notebooks and server

Individual components


This release fixes a bug in sessions.

Bug fixes

  • UI: prevent occasionally flashing a loader when working with sessions

Individual components


This release brings improvements and bug fixes to Renku UI.


  • UI: Save session button (#1957, #1985, #2040)

  • UI: Add environment variables when starting a session (#2058, #2066)

  • UI: Add progress indicator when starting a session (#1879, #2054)

  • Sessions: Detailed session start status breakdown (#1289)

Bug fixes

  • Renku Core Service, Renku CLI: Fixes Dockerfile Renku version when force setting a template to update an old project

  • Renku CLI: Allow passing in multiple custom metadata entries for Project and Dataset entities

  • Knowledge Graph: fixes improving stability

  • UI: Restore notebook rendering (#2052)

Individual components


This release includes fixes and improvements for the renku gateway service that deals with authentication It also includes improvements to the renku documentation about CLI plugins


  • Documentation: add CLI plugins section

Bug fixes

  • Gateway: re-initialize keycloak server-side client if needed

  • Gateway: remove anonymous user ID creation because it is handled by the ui-server

  • Tests: Modify acceptance test wait duration for locating a terminal in a session

Individual components


This release comes with the first step towards a new data organization inside the Renku Knowledge Graph. Although completely transparent for the users at this point, the change brings substantial additions to the internal processes within the Knowledge Graph as well as adds a migration which copies all the data in the old format to the new one. For the time being, data in both the new and the old format will be kept in sync, however the API will still use the data in the old format.


  • Knowledge Graph: new parallel processes to provision data to Named Graphs datasets in the Triples Store

  • Knowledge Graph: a new Triples Store migration that creates transformed version of all the data in the new Named Graphs dataset

Bug fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: Jena upgraded to 4.6.1 to address an issue that in certain circumstance makes Jena unresponsive

  • Sessions: various bug fixes and improvements

Individual components


This release brings improvements and bug fixes to renku-ui and renku-notebooks.


  • UI: reduce unnecessary β€˜project locked’ notifications (#1982, #2025)

  • UI: expose project metadata as JSON-LD (#1867, #2022)

Individual components

Upgrading from 0.17.x

BREAKING CHANGES! The renku-ui helm chart was restructured: * the field ui.baseUrl was moved to ui.client.url * the field ui.gatewayUrl was moved to ui.gateway.url

Consult the values changelog file for details.

Upgrading from 0.16.x

The way anonymous sessions are handled has changed, and this means that an anonymous session that was started before the upgrade will no longer be accessible afterwards. You may want to notify users in advance and check that the number of running anonymous sessions is small before performing the upgrade.


Fixes a bug in the Graph preventing the provisioning process to hang for projects using template in a certain state.


  • Knowledge Graph: visibility property added to the response of the Dataset Details API (#1085)


Fixes a bug in the UI with anonymous sessions that was caught after tagging 0.17.0, but before deploying that version.


Bug fixes

  • Sessions allow usernames starting with numbers/symbols (#1213)

Individual components

Upgrading from 0.16.x

The way anonymous sessions are handled has changed, and this means that an anonymous session that was started before the upgrade will no longer be accessible afterwards. You may want to notify users in advance and check that the number of running anonymous sessions is small before performing the upgrade.


This release brings improvements and bug fixes to Renku Graph, Renku CLI, Amalthea, Sessions and Renku UI.


  • Knowledge Graph: New GET /knowledge-graph/ontology providing documentation for ontology used in KG

  • Knowledge Graph: Cross-Entity Search resource to filter by namespaces (#1075)

  • Knowledge Graph: Dataset Details resource to indicate if Dataset was imported from a tag (#1074)

  • Knowledge Graph: A new Project Dataset’s Tags API (#1071)

  • Knowledge Graph: Link to Dataset’s Tags on the Dataset Details and Project’s Datasets endpoints (#1072)

  • Knowledge Graph: Details about namespaces added to the Cross-Entity Search response (#1070)

  • Knowledge Graph: Info about creator’s affiliation added to the Project Details response (#1069)

  • Knowledge Graph: A new User’s Projects resource (#1066)

  • Renku CLI: Changed dataset logic to put all files into a dataset’s data directory. Allow customizing a dataset’s data directory

  • UI improve session start flow (#1990, #2003)

Bug fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: A process to retry all the events failed due to CLI version mismatch

  • Renku CLI: Show SSH password prompt when using an SSH key with a password

  • UI fix file tree display when changing to original project from fork (#1907, #2015)

  • UI prevent repeated queries to projects API (#2017)

  • UI render star project button for anon users (#2014)

  • UI restore back button navigation on projects for anon users (#2017)


  • Knowledge Graph: Renku CLI upgraded to 1.7.1

  • Knowledge Graph: Jena upgraded to 4.6.0

Individual components


This release brings improvements and bug fixes to Renku Graph, Amalthea, Sessions and Renku UI.

⚠️ Please mind that Renku Graph contains changes requiring intervention from an administrator (see below for further details).


  • Knowledge Graph: new GET /knowledge-graph/ontology providing documentation for ontology used in KG

  • Knowledge Graph: GET /projects/:namespace/:name to honor Accept: application/ld+json header

  • Sessions: standardized error responses from the API

  • Renku UI: update forms style and layout

Bug fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: triples store provisioning to support Command Parameters without position

  • Amalthea: fixed an issue where some metrics were published more than once

  • Amalthea: set sensible values for Prometheus histogram metric buckets

  • Sessions: avoid flashing β€œFailed” status when starting a new session

  • Renku UI: show the correct dialog when starting a session from an autosave


  • Knowledge Graph: Jena upgraded to 4.5.0

Individual components

Upgrading from 0.15.0

BREAKING CHANGES! Renku Graph upgrades Jena to 4.5.0 as well as introduces a new Helm chart for Jena. This change requires manual removal of the old Jena StatefulSet. The removal command is:

kubectl delete statefulset <helm-release-name>-jena-master -n <k8s_namespace>

The change also makes the graph.jena.dataset property from the values.yaml obsolete so it can be removed as described in the values changelog file.


This release features improvements and bug fixes to Renku CLI, UI, and User Sessions.

⚠️ Please mind that Renku UI contains changes requiring intervention from an administrator (see below for further details).


  • Knowledge Graph: expose OpenAPI documentation for the lineage endpoint πŸ“ƒ

  • Renku CLI: improve UX around renku login when errors occur πŸ‘€

  • Renku CLI: use existing remote image when starting sessions πŸ’½

  • Renku CLI: add an option to skip metadata update when executing workflows πŸƒ

  • Renku UI: add support for Mermaid format in Markdown files πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

  • Renku UI: update layout, font, and colors 🎨

  • Renku UI: add social links πŸ”Œ

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: prevent logging unnecessary errors when starting new sessions ✏️

  • Renku CLI: fix merge-tool issues 🧰

  • Renku CLI: prevent deleting plans still in use and using already deleted plans πŸ—‘

Individual components

Upgrading from 0.14.1

BREAKING CHANGES! Mind the changes to the structure of the values file for ui and uiserver.

More details available in the values changelog file.


This release updates a minor GitLab version to 14.10.5.

Upgrading from 0.14.1

BREAKING CHANGES! We advise admins to make a backup of their GitLab and PostgreSQL volumes before going through this upgrade.


This release updates a minor GitLab version to 14.9.5.

Upgrading from 0.13.0

BREAKING CHANGES! We advise admins to make a backup of their GitLab and PostgreSQL volumes before going through this upgrade.


This release introduces important CLI features as well as improvements around dataset upload, user sessions support and knowledge graph. There are also chart gateway-related updates, we advice admins to please look at the Upgrading section.


  • Dataset: improve upload performance and robustness

  • Renku CLI: add a command to revert workflows

  • Renku CLI: allow exporting datasets to a local directory

  • Renku CLI: add support for listing dataset files for a specific dataset version

  • Renku Core Service: allow partial updates on dataset and project edit

  • Renku Core Service: support chunked file uploads

  • User sessions: support for injecting environment variables through the API

  • User sessions: support for storing detailed metrics in S3 buckets

  • Authentication: improvements in the organization and setup of internal components

  • Knowledge Graph: support for project path changes in GitLab

Bug fixes

  • Dataset: fix intermittent bug in importing datasets

  • Knowledge Graph: fixes improving services stability and data correctness

  • Renku Core Service: fix project id generation from the project’s namespace

  • User sessions: fix bug that could lead to endless spinner when autosave information exists

Individual components

Upgrading from 0.12.17

If using self-signed CA certificates additional values are required when upgrading to 0.13.0 so that the Traefik Helm chart in renku-gateway can trust these certificates. The values that will need to be added are gateway.traefik.additionalArguments and gateway.traefik.volumes. Refer to the values file in the renku-gateway repo for more details.


This release introduces improvements and fixes bugs related to user sessions.


  • User sessions: allow specifying files in auto start links

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: fix a situation where the session start gets stuck in an endless progress spinner

  • User sessions: fix handling of S3 buckets that are not hosted on AWS

Individual components


This release fixes bugs in the user session service.

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: include information about s3 bucket functionality in the server_options endpoint

  • User sessions: improve the parsing of messages from k8s that explain why a session is unschedulable

Individual components


This release mostly aims to fix the data in the Knowledge Graph. It will start the re-provisioning process which is about wiping out all the data and generating it again.

Bug fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: fix for the problems where datasets were not present in the Knowledge Graph

  • Knowledge Graph: fix for the Lineage REST endpoint to match the API specification


  • Knowledge Graph: a new process to speed up provisioning Knowledge Graph with basic project info

  • Knowledge Graph: the Cross-Entity search to allow filtering on the creator in a case-insensitive way

Individual components


This is a minor release that fixes a bug in the renku notebook service that caused existing sessions launched by older renku versions to not be recognized.

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: successfully list and manage sessions launched by older renku versions

Individual components


This is a minor release featuring improvements and bug-fixes to Renku CLI, core, graph and UI components.


  • Renku Python API: add Activity support in Renku Python API

  • Renku CLI: add support to start remote sessions from the CLI

  • User sessions: provide better feedback when a session cannot be scheduled due to lack of resources or when initializing a session fails

  • Knowledge Graph: add support for identification with ORCID

Bug fixes

  • Renku UI: prevent errors when working on datasets with images

  • Knowledge Graph: fixes of broken data in the Triples Store

Individual components


A minor bugfix release fixing data problems in the Triples Store.


A minor release adding some features and bug-fixes to the renku components.

The main changes are:

  • graph: a new lineage resource to replace current GraphQL endpoint

  • graph: cross-entity search resource to allow filtering on since and until

  • graph: various fixes related to both corrupted data in Triples Store as well as issues in the Provisioning flow preventing users from finding their data in the Knowledge Graph

  • graph: an improvement to the internal processes to detect a lost project re-provisioning event

  • graph: other stability improvements

  • UI: UX improvements around project and dataset creation

  • UI: polish and speedup the logic to start new sessions

  • UI: correct bugs affecting the project’s dataset page

  • UI: improvements to non-logged-in user experience

  • renku-python: add Plan and project status support in Renku Python API

  • renku-python: add a custom git merge tool for merging renku metadata

  • renku-notebooks: switch git proxy sidecar to golang.

More info can be found in release notes of Renku components:

Upgrading from 0.12.10

This release does contain potentially breaking changes in renku-notebooks where we previously deprecated securityContext.enabled, but are now setting securityContext directly. Simply delete securityContext and securityContext.enabled from your values.yaml to resolve this.


A minor release adding some features and non-critical bug-fixes to the core service and renku-python CLI.


A release containing new features and bug fixes for CLI, UI and Graph. The main changes are:

  • CLI: SHACL validation fixes and improvements

  • UI: improvements around starting new sessions

  • UI: fixes for projects where the default branch is not called master.

  • graph: migration mechanism of the data in the Triples Store

  • graph: the Cross-entity search to allow multiple values on type, visibility and creator parameters

More info can be found in release notes of Renku components:


Bugfix release that re-introduces a part of the Renku config that creates auto-saves when sessions crash. This is required only for sessions launched prior to 0.12.6 which still may exist in some deployments. This part of the config will be fully retired in a later subsequent release.


Bugfix release fixing an issue where cloning user repositories was failing during session startup.


Bugfix release fixing an issue where image availability was incorrectly reported if a pinned image was used for interactive sessions.


Minor release with a bugfix for the core service.


Minor release bumping the renku project templates version to 0.3.1.

Includes minor updates to component versions:


Minor release coming with:

  • several new features on renku-ui,

  • new /knowledge-graph/entities (cross-entity search) API,

  • fixes around Cross-Origin Resource Sharing,

  • better messaging and reporting on renku-notebooks

  • fixes for various bugs in renku-notebooks, renku-ui, renku-gateway and renku-graph services.

More info can be found on release notes of specific components:


Minor release fixing various bugs in renku-python renku-core and graph services. The main fixes are addressing issues in migration and workflow functionality of renku CLI and security and stability bugs in renku-graph.

Please note that the renku-core metrics should be disabled in this release. Recent changes made to Redis are incompatible with the renku-core metrics and cause the whole Renku deployment to not function properly. The renku-core metrics will be fixed in a subsequent release.

More info can be found on release notes of specific components:


Minor release to align Sentry configurations across the components. It includes a few minor bug-fixes.


This is an important upgrade that enables v1.0 of renku-python (renku CLI) to work with the renku web interface, renkulab. The upgrade requires regenerating the metadata in the knowledge graph, which means that for a period of time, searching and accessing datasets and lineage information will be limited and incomplete. The metadata regeneration is done automatically and doesn’t require any action from you.

Updating projects

You might be prompted to update your project to the new version of Renku. As a general rule, this update should take less than 30 seconds, and we will provide an estimate of the time required. The update will migrate the metadata for your project and, for most projects, update the base image and the version of the Renku CLI used in interactive sessions. For large projects with thousands of commits or many renku workflows, we recommend doing the migration manually. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or open an issue if you encounter problems or are unsure how to proceed.

Most importantly, from this point on, new projects created on renkulab will use renku CLI >= v1.0. We therefore strongly urge all users to have a look at the myriad of excellent new features that this major release enables by checking out the renku-python release notes. This release completely changes the storage and generation of the knowledge graph metadata, with vastly improved performance and functionality. We have gone to great lengths to ensure a smooth transition for older projects and for continuity in the CLI, but please report issues on discourse or GitHub.

We hope you like the new features - if you have further questions suggestions for improvements, let us know!

Detailed release notes follow below.


  • Support for renku-python >= 1.0 - plugins, workflows, speed πŸ₯³ read all about it!

  • Improved backwards compatibility for older projects - this means fewer mandatory project updates and interruptions 🎯

  • (UI) Streamlined update dialog in project status view πŸš€

  • (UI) Estimates of project update duration for peace-of-mind 😯

  • (UI) improved display of math formulas in markdown preview

  • (UI/sessions) more robust autosave infrastructure

  • (UI/core) support for project-template-defined parameter validation

  • (UI/core) support for icons and description for project templates

  • (bug fix) fix problems with dataset β€œadd to project” button

  • (UI/sessions) experimental support for cloud storage in user sessions

For full release notes of individual components see:


BREAKING CHANGES: carefully plan the outage for this upgrade. Because of the underlying changes to the knowledge graph structure, the entire KG has to be rebuilt. Based on our experience, this is orders of magnitude faster than in earlier iterations, but depending on the number of projects it could still take some time. The platform will be usable during this time, but KG features may not fully work (e.g. dataset search)

  • (gateway/notebooks) partial support for custom CA certificates


Minor release fixing a bug in the acceptance tests.


Minor release fixing a bug in the Renku template for Keycloak.


This is a minor release featuring improvements to the Renku UI.

New Feature highlights:

  • UI: updates to style of alerts, menus, and tables

  • User sessions: allow stopping a session that is not fully started (example stopping session)

  • User sessions: support links for sharing sessions with additional options (example sharing a link)

Note: this release also updates the version of the keycloak chart to 16.0.4, but no manual admin action should be needed.

For full release notes see:


This is a major release that includes an important upgrade to GitLab and PostgreSQL components: 14 and 12 major versions respectively.

Upgrading from 0.10.3


Please follow these instructions carefully.

The resulting changes in the values file should be:

  • NEW/EDIT postgresql.persistence.existingClaim will most likely need to be modified in the course of upgrading your PostgreSQL version. See postgres migration instructions

  • NEW/EDIT/DELETE gitlab.image.tag might have to be adjusted as we do a GitLab major version bump in with this release.


This is a bugfix release that includes various fixes to user sessions and some improvements to the UI.


  • Datasets: allow canceling a search before it completes.

  • User sessions: rearrange session menu options.

  • User sessions: update Renku commands cheat sheet.

  • UI: notify user when a new renkulab version is available.

  • File display: highlight code syntax in markdown files.

  • File display: support preview of Matlab files.

  • File display: add PDF file viewer.

  • File display: render LaTeX math.

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: CPU limit enforcement is now configurable. Admins should refer to the values documentation to configure this in a Renku deployment.

  • User sessions: keep auto-saved branches after restoring a session with a newer commit.

  • User sessions: a different package is used to decode sessions authorization token.

  • Anonymous sessions: not crash anonymous sessions if these are disabled in a deployment.

Individual components

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes in individual components, please check:


This is a bugfix release that includes various fixes and improvements to user sessions. See renku-notebooks 1.2.0 and amalthea 0.2.1 for more details.


  • Chart: Add tolerations, affinity and nodeSelector for user sessions.

Bug fixes

  • User sessions: checkout the correct alternative branch.

  • User sessions: use correct fallback renku image.

  • Anonymous sessions: fix failing probes.


This is a bugfix release that contains a fix for launching R sessions with our newest component that manages user sessions (Amalthea). See renku-notebooks 1.1.1 and amalthea 0.1.3 for more details.


Our documentation has been restructured, now articles are reorganized into Tutorials, How-to guides, Topic Guides and Reference (see #2191).


This release includes a new user session controller replacing Jupyterhub. The new controller is not compatible with user sessions created by Jupyterhub, therefore all user sessions need to be terminated prior to upgrading to 0.10.0.


  • Documentation: updated documentation on proper teaching etiquette and steps to use renkulab for teaching.

  • User sessions: use Amalthea to control sessions through a k8s operator.

Bug fixes

  • Authentication: log out from GitLab when logging out from Renku.

  • Authentication: fix Keycloak token authentication.

Individual components

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes in individual components, please check:

Upgrading from 0.9.3

BREAKING CHANGES!! The admin should plan and warn users ahead of time that their sessions will be terminated when doing the upgrade. The new Loud statuspage component introduced in 0.9.3 can help get the message across.

  • The use of Amalthea and removal of Jupyterhub will require some changes. Namely: - All references to Jupyterhub in the values.yaml have been removed and are not required anymore. - Amalthea is installed from a separate helm chart which is now a dependency of the renku-notebooks helm chart. - Several new sections have been added to the values.yaml file which are required by Amalthea. Please refer to the renku values file for more details.

  • Some older images with Rstudio will open Rstudio in a directory one level above the repository. This can be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of the base image in the Dockerfile in the relevant renku project.

  • This version is not backward compatible with the user sessions from older versions. During the deployment the admin should clean up all remaining user sessions and then deploy this version.

  • Anonymous sessions do not require a separate namespace and renku-notebooks deployment, if enabled in the values file they now run in the same namespace as regular user sessions.


This is a very minor release that allows messages about maintenance and downtime to be displayed more prominently in the UI. This way the interruptions from upcoming releases can be more effectively communicated to users.


  • UI: possibility to make maintenance/downtime notifications more prominently shown. To use this feature, the admin needs to create a new statuspage component called Loud and thick when wanting the message to appear more prominently.


This is a bugfix release that includes various minor fixes: templates and core use a new bugfix CLI version, as well as other fixes for external to SDSC deployments and improved login style.


  • Sessions: make enforced limits configurable when using emptyDir disk space.

Bug Fixes

  • Templates: Renku and custom templates updated to use Renku 0.16.2 (should fix pyshacl and renku conflicting dependencies).

  • Renku core / CLI: pin pyshacl to version 0.17.0.post1.

  • Login: make social identity providers style match internal ones.

  • UI: configurable welcome page for external deployments.

Individual components

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes in individual components, please check:


This bugfix release includes fixes to the Knowledge Graph component, see 1.37.2 <>__ and 1.37.1 <>__.


This release switches to the new UI πŸŽ‰ by default. The biggest changes compared to the earlier UI version are explained on the RenkuLab home page and include:

  • New aesthetics, look and feel

  • Sessions (formerly β€œinteractive environments”) shown in the UI within their RenkuLab context

  • Issues and Merge Requests shown in the UI within RenkuLab context


  • Collaboration: add Fork tab and Open in Tab buttons to collaboration pages.

  • Datasets: support for dataset marquee image in projects

  • Sessions: improve functioning and experience of sessions in iframes

  • File Browser: allow resizing of file-system navigation view

Bug Fixes

  • Projects: handle primary branches named other than master

  • Templates: template updating issue with (see this forum post).

  • Renku core / CLI: update rdflib 6 and remove rdflib-jsonld which could not be installed with setuptools >58.0.2.

  • CLI: fix renku rm failure in specific cases.

Individual components

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes in individual components, please check:

Upgrading from 0.8.7

Although no special changes are needed in your values file for upgrading to Renku 0.9.0, we want to bring a couple of configurations to your attention:

  • To configure and customize the welcome page you have some options, please read the related values file section.

  • To enable the new Keycloak renku-theme, you can login to the admin console of <renku-deployment-url>/auth, go to Realm settings, theme and choose renku-theme.

  • The ingress should now include a configuration snippet to support showing sessions in iframes (automatically added by our chart templates).


This is a small release that contains mainly bug fixes to the user sessions and to the UI.


  • UI: redesign header to take less vertical space.

  • Knowledge Graph: dataset free-text search performance improvements.

  • Authentication: enable renku login support for CLI so that users can interact with private repositories without using a GitLab password or an ssh key.

Bug Fixes

  • Environments: listing orphaned user sessions tied to a deleted project/branch/namespace.

  • Environments: bugs with mistyped variable and missing branches in autosave.

  • UI: prevent values duplication on session enumerations.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:


This is just a bugfix release that addresses a problem in the notebook service caused by different naming conventions for user session PVCs.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:


This is just a bugfix release that addresses a problem in the notebook service where project names were causing the creation of PVCs in k8s to fail because of characters that k8s does not allow in PVC names (i.e. uppercase letters and underscores).

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:


This version of Renku introduces the ability to use persistent volumes for user sessions. This is optional and can be enabled in the values file for the helm chart. In addition to enabling this feature users have the ability to select the storage class used by the persistent volumes. We strongly recommend that a storage class with a Delete reclaim policy is used, otherwise persistent volumes from all user sessions will keep accumulating.

Also, unlike previous versions, with 0.8.4 the amount of disk storage will be strongly enforced, regardless of whether persistent volumes are used or not. With persistent volumes users will simply run out of space. However, when persistent volumes are not used, going over the amount of storage that a user has requested when starting their session will result in eviction of the k8s pod that runs the session and termination of the session. Therefore, admins are advised to review and set proper options for disk sizes in the notebooks.serverOptions portion of the values file.


  • UI: Add banner advertising new version to logged-in users and various improvements in the new canary deployment itself.

  • Environments: Ability to use persistent volumes for user sessions.

Bug Fixes

  • CI/CD: CI action entrypoint typo (3858df0)

  • Acceptance Tests: flaky FreeTextDatasetSearchSpec (a872504)

  • Acceptance Tests: retry when EOF occurs on the Rest Client (#2211) (e81a212)

  • Acceptance Tests: Wait for the dataset search results (#2210) (132ec8b)


  • CI/CD: parametrize rancher API endpoint (46a5155)

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:

Upgrading from 0.8.3

When upgrading from 0.8.3 the following steps should be taken based on whether you would like to use persistent volumes for user sessions or not:

Use persistent volumes:

  1. Edit the notebooks.userSessionPersistentVolumes section of the values.yaml file changing the enabled flag to true and selecting a storage class to be used with every user session. It is strongly recommended to select a storage class with a Delete retention policy to avoid the accumulation of persistent volumes with every session launch.

  2. Review and modify (if needed) the disk request options in the values.yaml file.

  3. Review and modify (if needed) the the server defaults in the values.yaml file. These will be used if a specific server options is omitted in the request to create a session and should be compatible with any matching values in the serverOptions section. It also allows an administrator to omit an option from the selection menu that is defined in the serverOptions section and have renku always use the default from the serverDefaults section.

Do not use persistent volumes:

  1. Review and modify (if needed) the disk request options in the values.yaml file. Please note that if a user consumes more disk space than they requested (or more than what is set in the serverDefaults of the values file) then the user’s session will be evicted. This is necessary because if a user consumes a lot of space on the node where their session is scheduled k8s starts to evict user sessions on that node regardless of whether they are using a lot of disk space or not. This sometimes results in the eviction of multiple sessions and not the session that is consuming the most storage resources.

  2. Review and modify (if needed) the the server defaults in the values.yaml file. These will be used if a specific server options is omitted in the request to create a session and should be compatible with any matching values in the serverOptions section. It also allows an administrator to omit an option from the selection menu that is defined in the serverOptions section and have renku always use the default from the serverDefaults section.


This is a bugfix release that includes fixes to Knowledge Graph. For more details please check the renku-graph 1.36.6 release notes.


This release includes a beta version of the new user interface for Renku. Over the next few releases we will gradually phase out the old user interface. However, for the time being you can use both. Simply switch between the two by clicking the link on the Renku home page.

Bug Fixes

  • CSS for the Login button on the provider page (#2178) (d1a0149)


  • chart: configure the Renku realm to use the Renku keycloak theme (d527865), closes #2022

  • chart: use keycloak theme with UI 1.0.0 design (35d8980), closes #2022

  • docs: new design for renku docs (#2166) (f2f3985)

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:


This is a bugfix release that includes a fix of the link on a project forks in Renku UI.


This release includes a new version for PostgreSQL and GitLab as well as various improvements and bug fixes to Renku CLI and Environments. If your PostgreSQL and/or GitLab were deployed as part of Renku, please make sure to backup your volumes before following the upgrade instructions.


  • PostgreSQL and GitLab upgrade: We bump the PostgreSQL version from 9.6 to 11 and the GitLab major version from 11 to 13.

  • Project templates: Community contributed template AiiDA has been updated. See a06ab24.

  • Project templates: Project templates come with Renku CLI v0.15.2 by default.

  • Renku CLI: add support to dataset update for detecting changes to local files.

  • Renku CLI: add support to export OLOS datasets.

  • Renku CLI: add JSON output format to renku dataset ls and renku dataset ls-files.

  • Renku CLI: detect filename from content-disposition header when adding a dataset.

Bug Fixes

  • Environments: remove storage options when launching environments if PVC feature is not enabled.

  • Project templates: fix project creation to use pinned Renku CLI version.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:

Upgrading from 0.7.13


Please follow [these instructions]( carefully.

The resulting changes in the values file should be: * NEW/EDIT postgresql.persistence.existingClaim will most likely need to be modified in the course of upgrading your PostgreSQL version. See [these instructions]( * NEW/EDIT/DELETE gitlab.image.tag might have to be adjusted as we do a GitLab major version bump in with this release.


Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Graph: improve lineage visualization by skipping overridden edges

  • Knowledge Graph: fix rest client to classify failure responses properly

For more details please check renku-graph 1.36.3

Upgrading from 0.7.12

A new client application renku-cli in keycloak has been added. This needs a value for global.gateway.cliClientSecret which could be generated through openssl rand -hex 32.



  • Notebooks API: enable endpoint for getting autosave information

Bug Fixes

  • Notebooks: missing annotation handling in marshmallow



  • Renku CLI: support moving files between datasets with renku mv (CLI documentation).

  • Renku CLI: ability to update local project from its template and to update the Dockerfile to install the current version of renku-python using renku migrate.

  • Projects: ability to generate project-creation links, embedding metadata to automatically pre-fill input fields. For more details on how to use this feature please read our documentation.


  • Renku CLI: support for Unicode paths in renku run (including emojis).

  • Projects: add preview for common hidden files.

  • Templates: use Renku CLI 0.14.2

Bug Fixes

  • Environments: If Automatically fetch LFS data enabled, unset LFS auth mode in init container

  • Projects: restore support for project-level default environments parameters (e.g. CPU and memory requests).

  • Core service: fix project_clone with git ref specified.

  • Knowledge graph: event status update process to remove delivery info in a single transaction

  • Knowledge graph: improvements in lost subscriber node finding algorithm

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:



  • Docker images: a new base-image extension is added that includes a full desktop server, which allows users to run Linux desktop applications directly from their RenkuLab sessions. For more information please refer to this discourse post


  • Projects: improve UX when forking a project, and handle up to 1000 namespaces

  • Projects: allow setting project avatar

  • Environments: simplify getting the registry image URL for running sessions

  • Docker images: update all of the base libraries and change the underlying operating system to Ubuntu 20.04 as well as upgrades the python version to 3.8.

  • Templates: bump Bioconductor version to 3.12

  • Templates: bump R version to 4.0.4

  • Templates: use Renku CLI 0.14.1 and above mentioned docker images

  • Knowledge graph: new service used for routing commits synchronization

Bug Fixes

  • Collaboration: fix issue page not loading properly

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:


Bug Fixes

  • Core: add error handling if push from temporary branch fails

  • Core: fix handling of β€˜@’ in filenames

  • Core: fix save and push to correctly handle merge conflicts

  • Service: sync service cache with remote before operations to prevent cache getting out of sync

  • Datasets: allow importing a dataset from a non-public project

  • Graph: fix fail to update event status when triples generation fails

  • Deployment: fix gateway gitlabClientSecret in minimal-values template



  • Datasets: show a notification when uploading big files

  • Datasets: improve naming for imported datasets

  • Datasets: sort by date on the free-text dataset search

  • Projects: update the project fork flow to match project creation

  • CLI: add service component management commands


  • Datasets: the dataset details returns information about project it belongs to

  • Lineage: prevent showing the whole graph when displaying a single file’s lineage

  • Lineage: support for committers name changing

  • Knowledge Graph: improve provisioning flow; re-process stale events sooner, use smaller processes

  • Core: exclude renku metadata from being added to git lfs

Bug Fixes

  • Datasets: fix creation date when searching datasets

  • Datasets: fail gracefully when trying to access a missing dataset

  • Datasets: dataset import to move temporary files and become more resilient to errors

  • Datasets: handle datasets with β€˜,’ in the name correctly

  • Environments: image pull secret for pod restart

  • Environments: support for long project title

  • User interface: check lfs status properly when previewing a file

  • User interface: fix broken markdown preview caused by links without a reference

  • User interface: handle sub-groups on projects list

  • Core: call git commands for batches of files to prevent hitting argument length limits

  • Core Service: correctly handle HTTP server errors and ref on project.clone

  • Core Service: use project_id as part of project filesystem path

Individual components

For changes to individual components, please check:

Upgrading from 0.7.7

Breaking change Keycloak chart dependency has been upgraded from 4.10.2 to 9.8.1 which will trigger an irreversible database migration, check out the upgrade instructions for more details.

Most notably, keycloak values are less nested, so at the level of the Renku chart values, keycloak.keycloak.X.Y becomes keycloak.X.Y. You can also check out the instructions on how to upgrade aspects not covered by default in the Renku chart.

If the Renkulab deployment includes keycloak, the values file should be modified as follows: * DELETE - the section keycloak.keycloak.persistence has been removed. Database connection details are specified through the keycloak.extraEnv and keycloak.extraEnvFrom blocks. See the Renku values file for reference. * EDIT - keycloak.keycloak.username has been moved to global.keycloak.user.

Finally, before applying the helm upgrade, the Keycloak statefulset should be deleted.


Improvements and fixes

  • User interface Improve UX for non-logged users (0.11.5)

  • User interactive sessions Some bug fixes (0.8.9)

  • Knowledge graph Bug fixes and small improvements (1.27.3 to 1.27.5).

  • Deployment Helm tests enabled to run our acceptance tests suite (see the acceptance tests section of our deployment documentation). A script is available to generate a minimal values file for Proof-of-Concept deployments, for more information please refer to our deployment documentation.


This is a bugfix release, it contains fixes for the Knowledge Graph (PRs #608 and #609) and user interactive sessions (renku-notebooks 0.8.8).


New features

  • Dataset show Dataset metadata can now also be seen in the Renku CLI using the renku dataset show command.

  • Knowledge graph Access control to resources on knowledge graph.

  • RenkuLab Support for deployments which use TLS certificates issued by a private CA.


  • UI Improve performance of file preview

  • UI Show project datasets even if user is not logged in

  • Interactive sessions Fix a bug that made the automatic pull of LFS data on session start fail for private repositories.

  • Interactive sessions Improve handling of failed session launches.

  • Interactive sessions Fix status information on session termination.

  • Project migration Feedback and speed of the recently introduced migration for workflows has been improved to handle very large projects better.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:


This is a patch release that includes a notebooks change and some improvements to the Knowledge Graph.


This release contains some very nice improvements to the file and datasets management and visualization as well as project migrations.

New features

  • Dataset removal A dataset can be now removed from a project, either from the UI or with the Renku CLI.

  • Pinned environments image A project can pin interactive environments to a specific image, independent of the content of the project. This can be useful for situations like courses where everyone should use the environment defined by the instructor. To take advantage, see the renku configuration file documentation.

  • Project migration Project migration has been improved, allowing users to migrate the template, Dockerfile and Renku version with just one click. Information about the latest and current Renku CLI and template versions are displayed in the Status section of a project. Additionally, a migrationscheck command is available in Renku CLI.


  • Dataset upload When uploading files, a progress bar is displayed.

  • Dataset visualization For a better experience on dataset listing inside projects, description and author list have been cropped. The full content of both is still available when accessing the dataset.

  • File preview Preview of C++ and Fortran files is supported.

  • File download Files can be downloaded from the Renku UI.

  • Autosaved work Commits with autosaved content are marked with * and dialog is more specific.

  • Autosave git LFS When a session is closed and work is automatically saved, large files are added to LFS according to the project’s settings see renku config documentation.

  • Core Renku CLI commit messages are shortened to 100 characters for readability.

  • New projects Templates to create new projects now use the new Renku CLI version 0.12.2 by default.


  • Auth credentials: the way Renku environments handle git credentials has been improved.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.7.2

  • No changes required in the values file for this upgrade


This release brings several smaller improvements and bug-fixes, the most notable of which are:

New features

  • Datasets Add new fields and the possibility to edit existing fields to the web UI.

  • Knowledge Graph Improve information flow related to KG integration and Renku version updates in the UI.


  • Project creation: improve name validation, the handling of non ASCII characters and a bug which led to failures when fetching the available templates.

  • Graph processing: fix a bug in prioritizing events for processing.

For details check out the individual component updates.


This release features an update to the default project templates, bumping the default renku CLI version to ``0.12.0` <>`_ and some backend bug fixes.


  • Graph building: several improvements to graph building, including a fix for metadata compaction in renku-core that caused some entities to not get processed.


This release brings a lot of important new features to both Renkulab and the Renku CLI. It’s our best one yet!

New features

  • Project templates: you can now create custom templates for your projects and use them on project initialization. Great for groups or courses! See the docs for more details.

  • Datasets: you can now search for datasets and import them into projects directly from the Renkulab web UI. The dataset import and creation flow has also been much improved thanks to changes in the core service backend. Note that importing datasets from other renku projects from the UI currently works only for datasets in public repositories.

  • Data import: files can be imported into datasets directly from a URL.

  • Project migration: the metadata of renku projects occasionally changes. In order for all the components to work well together, the metadata must be kept in sync. Previously you needed to do this manually with the CLI but now it’s as easy as clicking a button.

  • Template simplification: We have decoupled the CLI version from the base image and made it easier to override in your own environments. See the project template README for details.

  • Improved editor: All text editing components are using an enhanced editor that allows seamless switching between WYSIWYG and markdown.

  • renku save: the Renku CLI now features a save command that simplifies the process of committing and pushing your project to the server.


  • Dataset deletion: Datasets used to stick around even after getting deleted from the project. This has now been fixed and deleted datasets no longer appear in the dataset listings.

  • git credentials: the interactive sessions now handle your git credentials in a way that allows you to seamlessly access any of your private repositories on renkulab from within an interactive session.

  • git hooks in interactive sessions: git hooks were not previously installed per default in interactive sessions, which meant that some nice features like automatically pushing large files to LFS did not work correctly. This has now been corrected and should hopefully save many repositories from improperly handled data!

  • graph redesign: Under the hood, the renku-python library has a completely redesigned knowledge graph model. This enormous effort doesn’t translate to user-visible improvements yet, but they’re coming in the next release!

Many other improvements and bug fixes across all of the renku components, which have significantly improved the stability of the entire platform!

Upgrading user projects

To upgrade your existing renkulab project to the latest images, the easiest is if you copy/paste a Dockerfile that suits your project (python/R/Bioconductor) from the renku project templates repository.

Note that even if you upgrade the image, the project in the repository will still need to be migrated. You can do this on the command line by running renku migrate in your project or follow the instructions in the UI when prompted.

Changes and improvements in the platform deployment

  • Breaking change: Postgresql chart: we have switched to the Bitnami version of the Postgresql helm chart - this requires a manual intervention when upgrading from renku 0.6.8.

  • Kubernetes: renku is now compatible with kubernetes >= 1.16 (tested on 1.16)

  • Helm3: the renku helm charts are now compatible with helm 3


This is a minor release that contains improvements and fixes to the UI.

New features

⭐️ support for air-gapped deployments: RenkuLab’s UI contains all resources necessary to run (no connection to the internet needed).

⭐️ integration with users get a visual notification for incidents and scheduled maintenance, additionally they can check the status of RenkuLab’s components in <renkulab>/help/status.


πŸš„ anonymous users: can navigate in public projects’ collaboration tab

πŸš„ privacy: add privacy page and cookie consent banner

πŸš„ markdown: display of relative paths, and improvement in file preview

πŸš„ Julia: source and project files correctly rendered in the file browser

Bug fixes

πŸ› 500 error code is handled at the UI when starting environments

πŸ› fix rendering issues with WYSIWYG editor toolbar

Upgrading from 0.6.7

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text in the values file.

  • The integration with can be enabled by adding the unique project ID at in the values file


This is a bugfix release.

Bug fixes

πŸ› fix pulling of lfs data in the init container of interactive environments

Upgrading from 0.6.6

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text in the values file.


This is a release that improves the way images for private projects get pulled, no more GitLab sudo token needed!

Notable improvements

  • use user credentials for pulling images for private projects

  • user oauth token is removed from repository URL

Breaking changes

  • kubernetes versions < 1.14 are not supported anymore

Upgrading from 0.6.5

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text in the values file.


This is a release which only updates the version of the gitlab chart dependency.


  • More flexibility in configuring the gitlab instance through the values file.

Upgrading from 0.6.4

  • No new values required, a gitlab.extraConfig block can be used to add settings to the gitlab.rb configuration file.


This is primarily a bugfix release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug which prevented the selection of a non-master branch when launching an environment.

Notable improvements

  • Improved display of merge requests in the UI

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.6.3

  • No new values required in the values file

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text


New feature

⭐️ Project details now include a listing of the commit history

Notable improvements

πŸš„ Environments: auto-saved branches are filtered per username

πŸš„ Improve markdown rendering and code highlighting

πŸš„ Editing markdown files is easier as ckeditor is partially integrated inside Renku

Bug fixes

  • Dataset contains all folders from unzipped file

  • Failing to retrieve metadata for one dataset does not cause the others to fail

  • Improved UX for when datasets take too long

  • Datasets: no failure when adding ignored files


  • The default R template now uses the latest R (4.0.0). To update it in an existing R project, replace the first line in the Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab-r:4.0.0-renku0.10.4-0.6.3

  • A Bioconductor image with bioc 3_11 is now available. To use it replace the first line in the Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab-bioc:RELEASE_3_11-renku0.10.4-0.6.3

  • Docker images in project templates use renku 0.10.4

Breaking changes

GitLab version: the Renku chart now installs GitLab >= 12.9.0 by default. GitLab versions < 12.7.0 are supported too, but a .gateway.oldGitLabLogout: true has to be set explicitly. Note that GitLab versions where 12.7.0 <= version < 12.9.0 are not supported.

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.6.2

  • No new values required in the values file

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text


New features

⭐️ Environments: logged-in users without developer access can launch interactive sessions from a project.

⭐️ Environments: interactive sessions can be enabled for logged-out users. Please see the

documentation for details.

⭐️ Hiding/showing code cells is now possible from the UI

Notable improvements

πŸš„ Datasets: dataset creation and import unified in the UI

Bug fixes

  • Datasets now include the folder hierarchy in file listings

  • Datasets: avoid recursive addition of the data directory in Renku CLI

  • Datasets: fix export to Dataverse

  • Datasets: fix metadata commit after renku dataset unlink

  • Environments: improve styling


  • A maintenance page can now be displayed for when Renkulab is undergoing a scheduled maintenance πŸ”§

  • Help page and dropdown contain links to Renku and Renku CLI documentation πŸ“–

  • Easy UI access to GitLab projects, user settings and user profile πŸ‘€

  • Python environments now include a plugin to monitor memory usage visually πŸ“ˆ

  • A new Renku docker image with Julia is now available. πŸ“£ To use it just replace the first line of your Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab:renku0.10.3-julia1.3.1-0.6.2

  • The Tensorflow Renku docker image with Cuda and Tensorflow 1.14 is now available with the latest Renku 0.10.3. To use it just replace the first line of your Dockerfile with FROM renku/renkulab:renku0.10.3-cuda10.0-tf1.14-0.6.2

  • Docker images in project templates use Renku 0.10.3

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.6.1


Released 2020-04-01

New features

⭐️ Datasets can be imported from data repositories through the UI

⭐️ Datasets allow uploading file hierarchies in zip format

⭐️ CLI: Datasets metadata is editable. Please see the Dataset documentation for details.

⭐️ CLI: enable importing renku datasets

⭐️ CLI: Enable working with data external to the repository #974

Notable improvements

πŸš„ A file upload can be canceled when creating a dataset

πŸš„ Environments tab displays information about the resources requested

πŸš„ Environments tab provides an easy access to the branch/commit file listing

πŸš„ Improvements to the handling of markdown content

πŸš„ CLI: starting this version a new migration mechanism is in place, renku command will insist on migrating metadata if its outdated.


  • Various improvements on markdown display for collaboration

  • Make help channels more visible

  • CLI: wildcard support when adding data from git

  • Docker images and project templates use Renku 0.10.2

  • A new minimal Renku project template is available on project creation! Use this template if you’re using a language other than R or python, or if you’re renku-izing an existing python project.

  • Newer renkulab docker images also provide interactive environments with a nicer shell (powerline).

Bug fixes

  • Datasets now show file listing with folder hierarchy

  • Search uses clearer labeling

  • Various fixes to dataset command line bugs

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.6.1

  • No new values required in the values file

  • The version in the welcome page can be updated at ui.welcomePage.text


Released 2020-03-06

This release includes exciting new features and provides an improved user experience, mostly with respect to dataset handling.

New features

⭐️ Datasets can be created from the UI

⭐️ Files can be added to a dataset from the UI

⭐️ Datasets can now be exported to Dataverse

Notable improvements

πŸš„ Support project-level default settings for environments

πŸš„ Relevant project/namespace information is shown at /projects/user-groupname/ path

πŸš„ Cleanup error messages for Renku CLI usage

πŸš„ Dataset importing is faster with Renku CLI

πŸš„ Restructured our documentation


  • R-markdown rmd files can be visualized within Renkulab βœ”οΈ

  • Group avatars are displayed πŸ‘€

  • Improved presentation for merge request and issues

  • A Gitlab IDE link has been made available for working with Renku projects

  • Link to see a project’s fork information

  • Docker images and project templates now use Renku 0.9.1

  • A Renku docker image with Bioconductor is now available πŸ“£

  • R projects now have the directory structures fixed

  • Python now comes with powerline to simplify the command line prompt

  • JupyterHub has been updated to version 1.1.0

  • Prometheus metrics available for graph services

Bug fixes

  • LFS data is now retrieved when the checkbox is selected 🐞

  • Close the fork dialog after forking

  • Various fixes for lineage including performance

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Upgrading from 0.5.2

  • No changes required in the values file for this upgrade


Released 2019-12-04

This is a bugfix release that updates the GitLab version required to allow changing the project name when forking (see #616 and #626).


Released 2019-11-27

New Features

⭐️ Datasets are now displayed inside a Renku project

⭐️ Datasets can now be searched within available Renku projects

Notable improvements

  • Changed project URLs to show namespace and name instead of project ID

  • Reworked collaboration view with issues list and collapsing issue pane πŸ‘₯

  • Enabled search by username and group πŸ”

  • Fork functionality now allows changing the name 🍴

  • Better tools to get information about interactive environments πŸ•Ή

  • Better consistency with project and interactive environment URLs 🎯


  • Commit time is local timezone aware πŸ•–

  • Images and project templates now use Renku 0.8.2

  • A Renku docker image with CUDA, Tensorflow and Tensorboard is now available πŸ“£

  • User profile redirects to Keycloak profile πŸ‘€

  • Simplified deployment with automatic secrets generation βœ”οΈ

Individual components

For changes to individual components, check:

Bug fixes

  • Lineage visualization bugs addressed 🐞

  • Users with developer permissions can now start an interactive environment πŸš€

Upgrading from 0.4.3


Released 2019-10-30

This is a bugfix release that fixes a SPARQL query in the graph service which was causing Jena to stall and run out of memory (See #159 and #163).


Released 2019-08-28

This is a relatively minor update.

Notable improvements

⭐️ on launching an interactive environment, the user is shown the status of the

image build - no more guessing whether the Docker image is there!

⭐️ the source of project templates is now configurable so a platform admin can

provide custom templates if needed

⭐️ data and code nodes are styled differently in the graph view

⭐️ the base user images have been updated, notably the R image is now based on

Rocker instead of conda

For individual component changes: